Six on Saturday: 1.2.20

It’s definitely starting to feel like spring is on the way. I’ve got a number of crocus and daffodils ready to open. Buds are starting to form and seeing a shift in the hours of daylight. The weather across the country has been wet but it hasn’t been too bad around me. I’ve still made it out to do a few jobs.

1. Hardy Geranium-Pratense

The cineraria I sowed a few weeks ago is shooting up in the new peat-free compost I’m trialling so I thought I’d see what else I can start. I checked my seed draw to see what else I can get going on at this time of year. I found this mixed pack of geranium pratenese. In the words of Margery Fish, “when in doubt plant a geranium.” There were about 10 seeds. They make for good space fillers suitable for most conditions with flowers the insects can enjoy.

2. Lamprocapnos Spectabilis Alba-Bleeding heart

I picked this up from Wilcos a few weeks back. At £2 each these will work out better than buying a pot of the plant formally known as dicentra. I bought one last year intending to put it in the front garden but the builders went behind schedule so it went in the back garden. I’ve largely gone with white flowers in the front so these should fit well and I think will work amongst the ferns and hostas. The plant normally dies back down as the summer goes on so it’s worth planting things around it that will follow on from it.

Here is how the one plant I have looked in summer.

3. Korean Dwarf lilac

I’d written last week about digging out the dwarf lilac as it’s fighting for space with the plants either side. I’ve dug it out and cut it down to mulch the area. It won’t rot down any time soon but should help suppress the weeds while the two shrubs either side claim the space. I might put in some temporary annuals so it doesn’t look too bare.

4. Dragonfly

This dragonfly ornament has been sat in an area of foliage where it wasn’t really visible. So, I’ve relocated it to sit on the driftwood where it can enjoy a bit of daylight on the patio.

5. Charity finds

Carrying on from the beach finds over the last few weeks I got this jug to sit out in the garden. I’m unsure whether to just use it for Alice’s mud kitchen or drill drainage to use it to plant in.

6. Snowdrops

While I’ve been out and about in my local area I’ve been admiring the snowdrops growing wild along the hedgerows and in the woodland. Alice was smitten by them a few weeks back so I’ve got a few of the basic single varieties to add in the front garden. I’ve only got a few as I’ve a suspicion that they may rot in the clay soil. I’ve been adding soil on the top to improve the condition of the soil but I think this will be an ongoing process. I’ve got leaf mulch on the go that should be ready by next autumn.

I haven’t taken photos of the new pots of snowdrops so here are some from the drifts at Wassand Hall down the road from me.

So the main job for this weekend is putting the snowdrops in the ground. The roses still haven’t been pruned. But apart from that, the garden isn’t looking too bad for the start of one of the bleakest months. The evergreen plants I choose are keeping colour going and a good few bulbs looking set to add some more colour. Hope you all have good weekends whatever you are doing.

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21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 1.2.20”

  1. Pretty dragonfly that your daughter Alice must certainly appreciate very much.
    I have pink bleeding hearts, more common, but white are so pure and pretty too. By cons it’s cheap! And yours are ahead of mine. I have not yet seen the new growths so far.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Like Alice, I was quite taken w/the snowdrop stampede. Love the white bleeding heart, but not had luck w/them, altho the red & pinks do fine. Perhaps snails, as there are plenty in my garden. I rather like your charity find & would be torn as to your 2 choices. Of course, it could start as mud kitchen then move to planter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. While I haven’t got any particular space in mind for the geraniums they’ll come in use somewhere. Now being an impatient seed watcher. Might get sweet peas going, then be a gap till my next lot need starting.


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