Six on Saturday: 25.1.19

Today’s six on Saturday is a post of two halves. The first half coming from a family friend’s garden, the second half is from my own garden. Last weekend we went to visit one of Amy’s friends whose garden we had seen on open gardens last year (garden 4). I was interested to see it in winter as it has a lot of foliage I’d assumed was evergreen. But it was all still looking great. The mass carpets of cyclamen foliage covering lots of ground, alongside hellebores coming into flower looked great.

1. Alice and snowdrops

Alice was very taken with the snowdrops, though she is referring to them interchangeably as snowdrops and snowbells. I don’t think I have any coming up in my own garden anymore or they are lost in the foliage. I may have to see about adding a few in the front garden. Then Alice can enjoy snowbell hunting in our garden.

2. Pots

I’d seen this area of their garden in summer when the pots were filled with hostas and ferns. Even in winter without the hostas, the ferns still look great.

The semp pots and rock towers still looking good. All the found objects adding to the look nicely.

3. Pruning

Returning to my own garden I made the decision to give the Korean dwarf lilac a rather severe haircut. I’ve cut it each year but it has gradually been creeping up in size. The surrounding shrubs will be given a trim in spring. Though having cut the dwarf lilac and looking at the gap I think it may be better removing this completely and letting the hydrangea and choisya claim the space rather than having three shrubs fighting for space.

4. More driftwood

I’ve talked previously about my plans to use driftwood in the garden. I’ve managed to claim a few more pieces to start laying out in front of the pots just next to the Korean dwarf lilac. I’m loving the very knotted piece full of holes. A great find.

Then I’ve managed to get another big piece. I need to wash some of the sand and salt then I’ll probably look at putting it into the borders as I’ve done with the other large piece I found.

5. Iris reticulata

The iris are shooting up quickly with the mild weather. I think I may have an early show for many of these. I expanded my selection with a few different varieties Katherine Hodgkins, Katherine Hodgkin’s gold and harmony. Having seen some stunning purple ones in the last few weeks I’d like to add something like Pauline next year. They have stunning deep purple flowers.

6. Hydrangea buds

A number of the hydrangeas have foolishly put on growth beyond the old mopheads with the mild weather. I think they may regret this if the temperature drops as predicted. Rather strange looking things when you look closely.

I’m planning on carrying out my Big Garden Birdwatch so I’m looking to disturb the garden as little as possible this morning until that is done. Then the forecast is dry for today but rain for tomorrow so I’m going to be looking to tidy up the pruning work today. I’m cutting it down as much as I can and putting it down as a mulch under the hydrangeas. It will be slow to break down but it will provide for beetles and woodlice.

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18 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 25.1.19”

  1. Oh – so sad to take out your special lilac for a hydrangea and a choisya (just my opinion!) Your friend’s garden looks so interesting. The rock towers I can see, but what’s a ‘semp pot’? Love your driftwood!

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    1. The hydrangea is paired with one on the other side of the steps and does look nice together. The choisya I don’t care about but it had a lovely yellow rose that grows through and I don’t think I can take one without the other. The semps are the sempervivum little succulents.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You do what’s right for you – sounds like you have your whole picture sorted. I did actually google ‘semp pot’ after commenting (should have done it before!). You are obviously on closer terms with them than I am!


  2. There’s certainly no point keeping the lilac if the only way to accommodate it is to prune it so it doesn’t flower. It’s a shame but things grow and something has to give. I like your friends grouping of their pots, I tend to have a lot randomly dotted about, which lessens their impact.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it will look better with it gone. I may try and dig it out and save it incase I find another space but I can’t see anywhere logical for it to go.
      The pots are great. A well established display honed over many years.


  3. I think we all want that snail, although it was difficult enough to decide where to put the robin! Yes, I noticed the buds on my hydrangea recently – looking promising. Keep showing us how the driftwood progresses.

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    1. I think I’ve pretty much scavenged the beach for the best driftwood for a while. Need to wait for a good storm now. Did find some interesting metal bits and a crab shell.
      I’ve got a dragonfly sculpture currently trying to decide on a place for. Been moved several times so far.


  4. I had a hard time finding your post this Joshua weekend. It wasn’t on my WP list, but I saw your tweet this morning: weird.(?)
    Like last week I still love driftwood and also picture of the mix pots and fern. Very beautiful set. My hydrangea buds are showing spring signs like you. Watch out for a freezing night now ….

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    1. I’m not sure that the WP reader is showing all the blogs I subscribe to anymore or if it is being selective as I’m sure some have been missing.

      I’m enjoying getting out for walks along the beach for finds at the moment. Seems strange hw much I’ve got out that way with it being winter but it’s been pretty mild.

      The couple of hydrangea buds sticking out over the mops will probably get lopped when I do its prune so won’t matter if they get damaged. The buds back inside the mophead layer will be fine.

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  5. Snowbells is a lovely and apt name. I think Alice should be put in charge of providing new plant names. I’m sure she could improve upon Hylotelephium, Symphyotrichum and other such unpronounceables.


  6. Nice collection of pots there Joshua. I am planning on planting a lot more pots this year. Driftwood always looks good in the garden I wonder why that is???? Probably something primeval about driftwood reminds us we used to be hunter gatherers. Whoops went off in a tangent.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve built up my collection of larger pots this year. Trying to collect together a handful of large well looked after plants. Gradually filling the patio with foliage. It isn’t wide enough to have a decent seating area so may as well fill with nice plants.


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