12 Days of Wild: Day 12

And so 12 days wild comes to an end. I always enjoy taking part in these online communal nature pushes. While I live my life this way much of the year it is nice to reflect on what we do. But blogging each day is a drain on time so don’t mind going back to my usual interspaced blogs.

We had a few trips for boring practical purposes to do in the morning. But we popped over Tesco’s carpark to have a quick stroll through the community orchard and along the railway track. Alice told me we needed to look for fairy doors and she was right.

A robin serenaded us from the shadows.

On the way back we saw a few of the ducks along the drainage ditch.

Then in the afternoon, Alice wanted to go down to the beach again. She did really well walking and we made it a good way down the beach. I had taken the bucket along to collect more driftwood. Alice helped out finding pieces she felt were worthy of coming home. The sanderlings were running about back and forth around us. I’ve rarely had them coming so close to us, so that was a joy to see on the last day of 12 days. I didn’t have my camera on me, but I may try walking that way again over the next few weeks to see if I can get some photos of them. I did have my phone though so captured a pic of Alice decorating one of her castles.

It’s been a good break off and I’ve enjoyed blogging about Alice and my nature experiences. The daiy blogging will stop but the love of nature won’t.

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4 thoughts on “12 Days of Wild: Day 12”

    1. I’ve had my first day back at work which was a training day at one of the Hilton country hotels. Too much time stuck inside while in stunning woodland surroundings. Snuck off a dinner time for a walk. A couple of hundred teachers and I think the only ones who came out was the smokers. Their loss. Enjoyed masses of flocks of finches and tits.

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      1. Ah, I’ve had to do that in the past. I worked as a journalist at a crown court and spent two years writing in a room with no windows. Can you imagine! When I was back in the head office, I used to gaze at a stand of trees surrounding a churchyard and wish I could be outside. Drastic change of career was the best thing I ever did. I’ve been designing gardens and outdoors ever since.

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