12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day 11

After a busy six on Saturday with excellent news, we headed out for a cooked breakfast at the Floral Hall to celebrate my dad’s birthday. After a good feed, we headed down to the beach. I was on the lookout for beach finds to add to my garden. Many of the open gardens we visited last year had interesting found objects from the beach. Alice was after building sandcastles.

Alice settled into building her castles before shifting gear to dig a hole. Nothing quite like working on the biggest hole you can manage. But I’d rather she did it on the beach than in my garden.

Then we were joined by Alice’s cousins, uncle and dog.

Alice poised for one nice photo with one cousin before the tongues came out.

Then the standard entertainment of making big splashes.

Alice collected driftwood to pretend to make a fire.

We found a good few interesting small finds for adding to the garden.

And a good-sized piece of driftwood for the garden. I was thinking of partly submerging it in the border like the seaside equivalent of a zen stone placed in the landscape.

A nice little stroll out but has left Alice tired. Curled in for cuddles and snacks. One last day of 12 wild days. We’ll see what I get up to tomorrow.

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