12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day 9

We spent the morning getting a few jobs done and went out to do a food shop, so little wild activities. Alice wanted to have a picnic on the way back but the spot I had in mind was parked up. So we had a picnic in the extension room and watched the sparrows coming and going in the garden.

Alice remembered I’d promised her we could go back to the beach to try and fly the kite again. We took the litter picker and bucket down with us and we’d got a good amount just by the end of the street.

We wrapped up well against the elements and headed down to the beach. After a few false starts, we got the kite going.

Then we had a good stomp on the beach. Alice’s current beach obsession is making footprints. She made a good circle of footprints and then checked out all the dog footprints.

There was a lot of driftwood down on the beach including a few substantial pieces. A bit more than Alice can manage, though I am tempted to head back with the car. We took one branch to stick in the garden to give the birds a perch. By the time we headed back, it was starting to get dark. We watched out to Flamborough to see the lighthouse. Alice has been learning about it at nursery so she enjoyed looking out for the flashes. Tomorrow we’ll see about finding a spot for the driftwood in the garden.

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