12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day 4

Well, today I’ve managed to get out in the garden quite a bit, only in short bursts, but better than nothing. I’ve finally got round to sawing up the whitebeam that has been sat against the fence for a month. While I was sorry to remove this tree it wasn’t right for the position whereas the holly looks to be well suited. The tree has been sawed up and added to my pruning pile. I keep my prunings between the lilac and the Dryopteris fern They don’t really show there but will provide habitats for several creatures while they slowly rot. Between the branches and foliage in this area the frogs liked it for shelter in summer.

Alice was out with me for a little bit using a stick to poke holes for bulbs. The last of the alliums are now in. Most went in the borders but Alice stuck a few in random pots so we’ll see where they come up.

The hellebores have managed a few flowers that haven’t been completely chomped to pieces. A few insects were still flying about but signs of life are currently low out there.

The birds were happy to see me go in. They headed straight for the feeders as soon as I headed in.

I feel better for getting out, even if it was only for a little bit. Sawing up the tree and planting the last bulbs takes two jobs off the list. I’ve got a bit of winter pruning to do and trying to get the bin tidy flooring done in the front garden. My new wheelbarrow will get a decent run out. Enjoy the rest of your weekends.

5 thoughts on “12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day 4”

    1. They are for light shade, but can be put in sun if kept moist. Flowers come over much of winter depending on variety. They are quite promiscuous self seeding around, though the children are rarely as good as their parents. They then need to be kept moist but not flooded to return next year. I haven’t quite got this right as I lose a few each year. Going to try a good mulch in spring to keep moisture in the ground.


      1. They just revert back to murky colours. If you’ve got a big woodland space not so much an issue but in a small garden like mine I don’t have space for less interesting plants. As a lot of people go for the purple and speckled types these lose their colours in offspring usually. I tried hellebore lividus last year for the foliage but just can’t get the conditions right, where as other people I know have it growing like a weed.


      2. I have purple ones and definitely not a big woodland space! The ground also tends to be dry, so I’ll have to remember to water them… On the other hand, at least the front garden is in shade. Good luck with your mulching.


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