Christmas 2019

We have returned home from spending Christmas with my parents. Now time to take stock of the last few days and filter through my photos.

Christmas Eve we gave Alice a Christmas Eve box with a few little bits and new pyjamas.

She enjoyed a few Christmas stories.

We started the day at our house. Alice was more excited for giving us our presents and seeing us opening them. Though she somewhat spoiled the surprise telling us what was in each present.

She did get round to opening hers eventually.

After attending the local church service we headed over to my parents. Alice was excited to give everyone presents again.

My mum did a top job of Christmas dinner.

Before needing some chill time.

Then after a good break we returned for pudding.

She was completely wiped out and went to bed early, meaning she was up early Boxing Day. She started the day slobbing out.

My sister joined us for Boxing Day and Alice was spoiled with a new spread of presents.

A noisy Rainbow Dash that will be out of batteries soon. If they aren’t I think Amy may well remove them.

She got a disco light that she absolutely adored.

Then we enjoyed another feast.

We’ve had a lovely couple of days spoiled by family. Alice has had a great time seeing both sides of her family over the last week. She is happy to be home though playing with all her new toys and introducing them to old toys. I hope you have all had super Christmas Days too.

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