12 Days of Wild Christmas: Day 3

We started the day at my parents and we’ve enjoyed one last chilled day before returning to normality. We’ve largely spent the day inside as we aren’t quite over our coughs but I have managed to enjoy a few tastes of nature. My mum’s Christmas cactus looking good now it’s flowered.

I’ve popped out a few times to check out the birds in my parents garden. The robin was out and keeping an eye on me while I was out.

I heard a bird I wasn’t familiar with and eventually worked out what it was. My parents have a blackcap visiting. These are common visitors in some parts of the country but are new to there garden, so a pleasure to see.

We returned back to our home where I’ve found homes for some of our new wild decorations.

Hopefully, I’ll now have some time to settle in with my new wild reads. Alice has enjoyed herself enormously being surrounded by family but she is happy to return home to all her presents. Tomorrow we may manage to get out a bit more and maybe enjoy some of my own presents now all of Alice’s are assembled.

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