Six on Saturday: 14.12.19

The weather continues to get colder. The car is needing time to warm up in the morning. The garden is looking a bit bare after shuffling plants. The bulb planting is slowly going down. Alice helped plant two pots of tulips last weekend making that the last of the tulips. We planted some iris harmony in the top layer. The idea being we get a nice layer of blue irises, the tulips are planted deep so will flower later. I’m now down to a mass amount of alliums and the crocus for the front garden. The forecast this weekend is for a bit of rain this morning and then moderate breeze tomorrow. I’m still not feeling that well so I’m not sure I want to brave moderate breezes to plant the last bulbs. Moderate breeze round me means facing Northern sea winds. Not nice.

1. Cleaning the feeders

Currently, the birds have become particular about which food they want. The seed is going down fast and the fat balls are disappearing but the suet is getting left and going mouldy. The feeders are needing regular cleaning to stop the build-up of gunk to help prevent the spread of disease.

It is a grotty job but it brings plenty of rewards. Lots of visitors have come.

2. Primula

The existing primulas in the border are flowering but have been well chomped, though I don’t particularly mind. They were a gift that has spread out a little bit. They grow under the dogwood where I couldn’t put much else as it is too thick with leaves in other seasons.

I picked up a few more from the florist a few weeks back to bulk out the existing patch. I’ve stuck to the basic white as I quite like that basic colour set up in winter.

3. Hellebores

The hellebores are doing a good job showing the key major issues with hellebores. The flowers consistently look tatty and get eaten. Even when they do flower well the flowers aim down somewhat taking the joy out of them and making it awkward for a photo. But still, I persist in trying to get them to perform in the way I picture in my mind with stunning white flowers shining out in winter.

4. Patio

As well as reworking the border at the back on the left side I’ve also been shuffling the patio around. I’d built one log store a few months back. However the wood delivery was slightly more than one store so we got another one delivered which had been sat in the utility room for weeks, but I got pushed into getting it made so it was out of the way for Amy’s birthday a few weeks back. The two look smart together, though I’d have liked one on the other wall but we are still waiting on the builders to finish jobs. I figure they’ll act as a little bit of a windbreak fo some of the plants I’d like to grow. Alice is excited to be jumping, not about the log stores.

I’ve had a lot of the pots sat on the lawn while the builders have been working but now they have done this wall I’ve moved a few back. I’ve made a small platform out of a tile sample and breezeblocks. Not the smartest setup but it only intended as temporary displaying some of the winter foliage plants next to Alice’s mud kitchen.

5. Christmas lights

We have a handful of battery-powered lights out on the trees now we are into December. Hard to photograph but they add a bit of cheer in these dark months.

6. Rose

The pink rose has had a bit of poor performance this year. It has flowered several times but the wet weather has meant a lot of the flowers have been pitiful when they have bloomed. It is going through its last burst of flowers for the year. Impressive that it’s still flowering in December but unless it manages a few better flowers next year it may face the chop. In a small garden, you have to be ruthless. I don’t mind going the way of Lloyd and removing the rose from my garden for more foliage.

As mentioned already still not that well, so only managing short bursts in the garden doing quick jobs. Combined with the weather I’m not sure I’ll manage that many job this weekend, but I hope you all have good weekends. Might be winter but the jobs don’t stop.

Check out the six on Saturday guide if you fancy joining in the fun.

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28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 14.12.19”

    1. Yes there reputation is for seeding everywhere. I don’t know if I’ve dug them up or trampled them but never got going. Tried some from seed but none germinated but I think that might be the new horizon compost. Fine for potting seedlings on into but not great for seeds.


  1. I keep nipping out in the wind to look at my Hellebores but nothing doing here so far! I also have nibbled primulas. They’re not the prettiest of things and may get removed at some point but for now mine lurk in the woodland border and prevent weeds from growing. Hope you are feeling better soon, these winter bugs can linger on for weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. That makes it worse because you don’t get a good night’s sleep. I find Night Nurse helps me and last year I discovered broncho stop cough mixture that actually seemed to work (herbal).


  2. The bird photo (sorry I don’t know which it is) at the top of your post is great – I love the dark purple of the stems too. Your winter posts are inspirational. The way you’ve put one plant in each instead of putting several in one is very effective.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Not sure why, but from the first time you posted your hydrangea duo, I’ve been smitten. Seeing how big they’ve gotten over the summer, well they’re astounding. That’s a great shot of the starling. I know they’re Huns when it come to feeders but their plummage & song are both so beautiful. So sorry your house is full of chesty coughs. Hope all of you are feeling well very soon.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You inherited them? I didn’t realise. But yours were the first I’ve ever seen to bookend a path & I’ve loved them ever since, in all seasons. Now go love that rose.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I’ve pretty much given up on hellebores too, because I don’t have enough shade. Would love to be able to grow them though. Your Christmas lights are pretty…simple and not overdone.
    Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. I hope the coughs disappear before too long- it’s awful the way they hang on after a cold.

    Liked by 1 person

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