Six on Saturday: 9.11.19

We have well and truly entered the dark side of the year. I’m seeing less of the garden during daylight but I have still managed to grab the odd moment in the garden. During half-term, I managed to clear a good bit of ground and rediscovered many of the evergreen plants hidden away behind. The bottom end of the garden is made up of many evergreen heuchera and ferns. Since planting they’ve spread over each other so I think some movement might be needed.

1. Crocus and crowbar

I managed to get my 100 croci planted in the lawn last weekend. I’ve gone for a mixed bag from Gee-Tee bulbs. While not as many bulbs as many of you plant this was a lot for a fairly small area. I am currently squirrel free so hopefully, these will stay in the ground. I employed a long crowbar to get them planted after seeing Monty using one of these on gardeners world. I do have a bulb planter but this seemed a good option for the small size of the crocus. I still have 100 white to go in the front but the crowbar should make quick work of that.

2. Possibly cotoneaster

This little shrub self-seeded into a fuschia pot. I dug it out and have been growing it on. The Twitter consensus seemed to think it was cotoneaster but not the horizontalis I already have. I don’t know for sure what it is but the autumn leaves are looking good. Larger leaves get blown off before they change colour with my sea winds so nice to have a taste of autumn.

3. Fern-Blechnum

My local florist always stocks a few plants outside and is usually overpriced but I spotted these little Blechnum ferns for £1.50. They should stay evergreen over winter and will eventually spread about half a metre. I’m unsure whether these are going in pots for the patio or into the border. Fern corner has gradually spread out and is heading towards the back garden mirroring the front.  I’m fine with this though as evergreen foliage works well for small gardens looking good for long periods of the year.

4. Log store

We needed a log store quickly for winter so we bought this one from Aldi. It isn’t the most amazing quality but should last a few years. I’ve given it a coat of Cuprinol paint and it looks smart enough. We may need another though as it didn’t quite fit all the wood. Once the building work is done I can look at planting up around it. It should help act as another windbreak for the patio plants. We may need another store to fit all the wood but can’t build another until the builders have finished. I think it looks smart enough though.

5. Pots

The garden centre end of season sales have begun but not a massive amount on offer I was interested in. However, pots are on sale which are always useful. I have a pot shortage currently as many of the dahlias are still going but I need ones to pot up bulbs. I’m not sure why pots are sold off each autumn, but they are, so I’m taking advantage. It’s not like they are going to need looking after over winter. I bought two small square pots for the box bushes I bought last month. I think they’ll look smart in these while they put on a bit of height then move them into bigger pots.

Then I got a large glazed pot. Alice liked the colour as she said it was mummy’s favourite. I bought a value white hydrangea macrophylla. This is only meant to grow to about a metre so ideal for a pot. It’s stuck on the lawn until the builders finish their work, then it will go on the patio.

6. Gunnera manicata

The only other value plant I bought was a cheap gunnera. While these are traditionally grown in the ground near ponds where they grow to monstrous sizes they can be grown in pots where they can still manage reasonably sized leaves. I’m going to nurse it through the winter then try it in the largest pot I can find for some more foliage on the patio. It may not work but it was cheap enough to take a chance on.

I’ve still got some more crocus to get planted in the front garden and a mix of tulips for borders and pots. Hopefully, I’ll make a good dent in these this weekend. We’ll see what the weather brings. Don’t forget to read the Propagator’s blog to see more Six on Saturday posts. I hope you’ve all survived the wet weather and no one been flooded too badly.

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20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 9.11.19”

  1. Builders and gardens…bon courage. Thankfully we are now past that stage. Your mention of garden centres selling pots has spurred me into doing a little rekee as I am in need of a couple of largish one for the grasses I have posted this morning.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The pots have been 50% off in most of the centres round me, though I’m never sure if these are just an item sold at too high a price so they can then reduce and claim 50% off when that’s the price they always intended it would sell. Either way I got several large pots that I needed.


  2. Some pots just don’t sell, even when the shop’s buyer thought they would. They don’t want them hanging around for another year. That’s really good colour on the Cotoneaster, a big bush would be quite a sight.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m going to keep the cotoneaster in a pot for the next year just to check it is what I think it is then may look for a place for it. If it looks to be massive it can always go in at school where there is space.


  3. Your log store looks very good. The colour is lovely. You could use this as the base for an insect / bug hotel couldn’t you, if you didn’t need a log store. Have a good weekend. Karen

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have the same colour on the shed, though that probably only has another year of life before it needs replacing. It would make a good base for an insect hotel. I do have a small log pile to provide a habitat home using the logs that are random shapes or won’t fit the log burner when I can’t be bothered to saw them down.

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    1. Been out with the crowbar again. Got another 40 tulips in the ground. It works well as I can wiggle it round to form a hole the size I want and the weight of the bar drives it deep into the ground with minimal effort. I went for a good long one so I don’t have as much bending either.

      Yes gunnera will need the biggest pot I can manage. I’m leaving it in its plastic pot in the cold frame over winter then get it planted up. It probably won’t do as well as the fatsias but I thought it was worth a try for a few quid.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I do like Alice’s pot and the plant should look beautiful in it. The log store is very smart, I would love a log burner but we have a smart “living flame” gas fire which is very practical and doesn’t need to be replaced! Interesting Six again.


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