Feed the birds-Haith’s bird seed

Haith’s bird food contacted me a few weeks back to tell me they have released two new seed bags they would like me to review. I have reviewed Haith’s products in the past, that said I still buy from Haith’s for much of my bird food. They are relatively local to me in Lincolnshire, a well-established family business, that makes good quality feed. So while in the interest of disclosure I didn’t pay for these I do buy from the company. The seed is cleaned making it healthier for the birds. Many birdseed mixes contain dust and waste husk that may be harmful to birds.

Before I put in the new mixes I’ve given my bird feeders a good clean with boiling water. I’ve said this before but regularly cleaning your feeders is important to limit the spread of disease between birds. I’ve replace many of my feeders with metal feeders that are easy to dismantle and clean but I still use these two Peckish feeders for my main seed feeders. They dismantle easily to clean. With the wet weather, some of the previous supermarket seed mix was starting to sprout. The seed tray catchers I bought separately but these have helped minimise waste and allow more birds to get a grip on the feeders.

I’ve been sent two mixes to review one for all and winterberry. Haith’s package their own mixes within these paper bags sealed with string. I normally buy in the bigger packs to cut down on plastic waste. They are delivered within a postage bag that contains some plastic but by buying large amounts at once it cuts down the number and frequency used.

The one for all mix contains sunflower hearts and peanut granules. Sunflower hearts are very popular in my garden with tits and finches. Haith’s have found, in their testing, the combination attracted more than the sunflower hearts on their own. It’s also listed as no mess so I shouldn’t have lots of random plants sprouting underneath. This is a mix aimed at benefitting the birds through all seasons.

The winterberry mix contains a mix of seed and fat pellets to help birds over the winter where the birds need a high energy source to reward them for visiting the feeders.

I’ve left them on the long feeders as next doors cat has been in a lot and it can’t get up these ones. I have a lot of the feeders hidden in the trees where the birds can visit safely but I want to see what is visiting these and these can be viewed from the house.

Within minutes the pigeons and doves were in trying to work out how to hang off the feeders to get at the seed. These were followed shortly by the sparrows. We’ll see what follows over the next few days.

Haith’s stock a good range of bird food and wildlife supplies and are well worth checking out. While some are more expensive than your value feed the birds really do seem to love it. Buying in bulk can make savings too. I’ll report back probably in next weeks six on Saturday of what has come visiting. Feeding the birds provides a great simple bit of pleasure and I wouldn’t want to be without them.


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2 thoughts on “Feed the birds-Haith’s bird seed”

  1. I usually buy my bird food from Vine House farm and it is also very good. I have recently bought these two mixes you mention from Haiths to offer a selection (I use sunflower hearts mainly), not cheap, but they look good. My goldfinches still seem to prefer the sunflower seeds though, but it’s early days and the weather hasn’t been great for getting the little birds into the garden.

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    1. Yes, weather limits what is coming in. So far seen the various doves, sparrows and robin but it’s currently dry outside though I doubt it will stay that way so I’ll see what comes in while I have my breakfast. The sunflower seeds and fat balls are my most popular feed currently but it varies through the year. Other times I can put out suet pellets and gone in a day whereas at the moment it’s getting left.


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