Six on Saturday: 12.10.19

I haven’t had much time in the garden this week between rain and work but still some colour on the go. The cosmos and dahlias took a good beating last week but they are still putting on a smaller show. We’ve had builders back in fixing the roof so still got everything off the patio leaving a mess of pots over the lawn but can’t do much about that right now. Just dream of what it may become.

1. Honeysuckle

The honeysuckle flowers have ripened to berries adding bursts of colour along the two stretches of honeysuckle in the garden. I try to leave off pruning so they get a chance to form to give the birds another source of food, though I haven’t seen many going for these yet.

2. Geese

As the swifts and housemartins have left us another visitor has come in. The geese have been a regular sighting in huge flocks. They come swarming over the garden honking away. Many geese migrate to the UK for the Winter. As these are coming from the direction of the Mere I’m assuming they’ve stopped off there and are now heading further inland.

3. Sambucus Nigra ‘Black Lace’

This Sambucus was planted as a tiny little stick with few leaves on earlier in the year. It is establishing well having put on a good metre or more growth. These were on the list of plants recommended for coastal gardens and it seems happy enough with the winds. It could do with moving out from the fence a bit for more space but I think this will look good in the space. The Dryopteris fern to the side donated from my mum is establishing alright and the geraniums in front seem happy.

4. Cotoneaster

I planted this cotoneaster on the edge of the patio. I’m aiming for it to fill the corner gap so Alice doesn’t throw herself off the patio. I’m also hoping the berries will bring birds close to the house. The jasmine to the side has been slow to settle but has shown small signs of growth. I’d mentioned last week about trying to get some evergreen climbers and this is forms part of that.

5. Wild sweet William

I believe this is a variety of phlox. It was growing in abundance when I took over the garden. I’ve dug out lots but always leave a handful. It’s meant to be good for butterflies though I can’t remember ever seeing any on it.

6. Sea Holly

The sea holly was planted as it formed part of my wedding flowers last year. It has been a long time flowering but has finally done it. This was just a cheap Tesco purchase as rootstock. There are nicer varieties with the blue edging on the leaves as well but it is bringing in the bees during the odd patch of dry weather this week.

Well, that’s it for this week. I doubt I’ll manage much more this weekend in the garden but not long until half term now and then I’ll get a decent chance to get on with the bulb planting. I hope you all enjoy your weekends.

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P.S. The passionflower planted last week has flowered and it is spectacular. I doubted that it would flower but it has managed it with a few more buds to come possibly.

21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 12.10.19”

    1. Morning, the sea holly is such a pretty blue and lasts so well I’m always envious when I see a garden where they thrive as I haven’t had much luck with them.

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  1. I keep hoping my sea holly will be as attractive as yours, but I haven’t had much luck in a few years of trying. Shame, I thought it would do well in our climate. I’ve hopefully transplanted half a dozen as I think they’ll be perfect in the kind of garden I’m trying to create.
    Spectacular is the right word to describe passion flowers: if they were people, I think they’d be Einstein with that mad ‘hair’.

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  2. My honeysuckle is covered with red berries and birds are everywhere here. They are sparrows, but it’s nice to see them by ten, eat and “swim” in the pond next door. It will soon be time for me to bring home my passionflower plants. I leave them a week then I cut them to 1m high to get them inside … No more flowers!

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  3. I’m glad to hear there are still swifts somewhere. We haven’t had any in the sky above our garden this year, such a shame since they always make me smile. Good idea with the cotoneaster as a guard. That Passion flower is stunning!

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  4. Lovely geese photos. We see geese flying overhead here too and I suspect some winter on the nearby estuary. Does your sea holly smell like mine? I found it so bad I have moved the plants out of the main garden! You have to sniff the pollen.


  5. I’m so glad to see the white passionflower! I checked out the website last week & dithered, but your photo is swaying me! This is my first year for jasmine & was told they tend to spend their first season laying roots, but then take off. Hopefully yours’ll follow suit. Love the geese photos & can imagine their song as they go. Autumn is really here (even tho you have sea holly blooming)!

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