Six on a Saturday: 20.7.19 holiday time

It is holiday time for me as a teacher. Got through another year. Now I get six weeks to catch up on weeding and enjoy the garden. But in true holiday fashion, it’s raining. But the water butts are getting refilled at least. I’ve been using the new butts for most of the watering at the front and to do the patio pots at the back. They’d just run out the last few days. Lasted pretty well.

1. Lilies

These lilies came from Thompson and Morgan. I’m sure they were meant to be a variety of colours but so far they are all pink. The growth has been a bit untidy as they were hidden away during building work. They probably would have benefited from staking and being rotated with the sun but the flowers are a nice bright burst. These tall pots are designed for lilies but I think I might change to hostas after these are done. They look good spilling out of tall pots and keeps the snails off a bit.

2. Lavender

I removed a lot of the lavender in the border as it had got leggy in a shaded position. I’ve kept a few in pots. My soil is heavy clay and not suited to lavender. In the pots, I can make the compost with lots of grit and sand to give it the drainage it needs. These pots have thrived for three years now. Very good for wildlife. When in full flower it gets lots of visitors.

3. Bargain Acer’s

I got these two little Acer’s for £5 from Thompson & Morgan. Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum is a purple-leaved variety turning to orange in Autumn. Then the orange dream is yellow turning again to orange for more Autumn interest. These are tiny at the moment and will probably go in pots for now. The couple I’ve got already suffer from leaf scorch with the strong sea winds so I have to keep them sheltered. They are an example of wrong plant wrong place but I like them enough that I’ve persisted trying to find the right place for them and planting shelter for them. While these two don’t look like much currently I’ve got the patience to see them grow gradually.

4. Water bath

Alice has been a bit obsessed with filling the water bath but the seagulls are appreciating her efforts.

5. Love in a mist

I sowed the seeds for these quite late on and they’ve been drowned by other growth. Some are poking out though. A lovely flower to photograph.

6. Hydrangea Libelle

This pretty lacecap was a birthday present. It suffered a bit from frost’s and wind but with plenty of watering it picked up again beautifully. I don’t normally use plastic pots but I thought with the thirsty nature of hydrangeas this would benefit from a plastic pot. This pot is meant to be a self-watering pot. It has a reservoir set up at the bottom so it doesn’t all drain out. The flowers are a bit sparse, but only the first year, though looking lovely. I’ve moved it to the pride position outside the back door so we see lots of it. The limelights planted this year are set to flower as well. Lots of hydrangea love this year!

Today is Hornsea carnival. We’ll probably head out later if the weather holds. There will be a float parade and rides and fairground games in the park, then usually a few craft stall. So probably won’t get up to much in the garden today. On a side note, Alice had her first sporting victory this week at the nursery sports day. Very proud of her.

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19 thoughts on “Six on a Saturday: 20.7.19 holiday time”

  1. Nice six. I like the hydrangea. I wish I has space for a second one. They seem to be really popular again these days.

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    1. It’s looking good. I’ve been tempted with runaway bride that is designed for pots but I think I’ve probably reached the cap point unless I get one for the front garden. I’ve already got one pink one which is going to be coming out as the limelights get bigger.

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  2. Ahh! I remember that start of the school holiday feeling. (Do you admit to feeling ready to go back at the start of the next term? I must admit I did, although I wouldn’t turn the clock back to those days now.) The Acers look interesting. Mine in the front garden struggled each spring, but did look good come the summer. However, this year it went the same way as the willow tree.

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  3. I grow lavender in The Fortnight Garden, on clay soil, but in an area which is quite restricted and the soil is somewhat poor. It is doing very well indeed. I cut down every spring, into the old wood, contrary to advice, and it comes out strongly. The bees are having a ball!

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  4. As a former teacher I can understand how ready you are for the holidays, though I used to find at least half of them was taken up with school work! Hydrangeas are very popular here in Cornwall, you can’t drive anywhere without seeing them alongside the road or in a garden – massive things too and full of flowers! I have stopped buying things from the major online nurseries as I have found the ‘mixed’ selection usually results in one or possibly two types – which is why I have ended up with several pink geraniums that I could actually have got myself from divisions of the ones I already had!

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    1. I’ve found the Thompson and Morgan shrubs to be good generous sized for the price but the bulbs have lacked variety. Been better off with supermarket bags.
      I considered a hydrangea limelight hedge in the front garden but decided it wasn’t really a big enough space to do them justice. Just went with one centrally which is looking nice.
      I’ve got quite a few school jobs still to do but have a few days off until I deal with that.

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  5. I was very fortunate with my love in a mist, it seeded itself very well and I had a great display in the second year, especially where it didn’t get shaded out by other plants. I share the hydrangea love, especially for white ones.

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  6. How I missed those holiday days especially the long summer breaks. Plenty time for gardening. Given up with acers, somehow it always does on me. Lilies and hydrangea though, seems to thrive with little care and attention. Just perfect for me hopeless gardener and they always comes up perfect every summer. Enjoy your summer break.

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