Six on Saturday: 22.6.19

Time for Six on Saturday. The last week has seen a little bit more sun. There have still been days of rain but not as much as the previous week. I’m spoilt for choice for selecting my six at the moment. The roses are coming to full force along with the last few allium varieties and lilies coming through behind.

1. Allium nigrum

These alliums were bought very late on in December last year when they had been reduced. They have still come through fine. I dotted these about in little groups. Quite nice having the pure white as the purple is largely going to seed now and not showing as much now. I’ve had to stake them with all of last weeks rain but they’ve all held on. The climbing rose behind featured a few weeks back is still going strong.

2. Hosta halcyon

I’ve put this hosta in the front garden. It’s been sat in its pot from winter. It was a cheap purchase out of season when it looked like a pot of dead leaves. It is one of the few blue-leaved hostas I have. I could really do with some more but this should fill a decent space. It can grow between half a metre and a metre tall so one patch should fill a good patch of ground.

3. Coleus

Alice and Amy bought me this little coleus from Tesco’s. Coleus is a tender annual in this country. I’ve got some growing from seed currently and I’m planning to use this as filler in the front garden while the ferns and hostas fill out. The bright foliage adds some strong contrast to the largely green ferns and hostas.

4. Heuchera

I bought three of this small heuchera from the local plant sale last month. They’ve been sat in their pots and felt they needed to get in the ground. These have lovely veined leaves. They are evergreen so will mean we keep some interest in winter when many of the hostas and deciduous ferns fade away. Once the area is planted up I’m probably going to a layer of mulch and then gravel as the clay soil and bare ground doesn’t look the best.

5. Lychnis Coronaria-rose campion

This silver-leaved plant did really well through the drought last year. It self-seeded around the border. I’ve moved a few patches and allowed it to form a mass clump around the parent. The little pink flowers keep going for a good number of months. The hoverflies were swarming over them last year. With a greater mass, it will hopefully bring in lots of pollinators.

6. Yellow rose

This rose came with the garden. It grows up through the choisya and repeat flowers through Summer into Autumn if the weather is mild. The buds start as little flames. They open a bright yellow before fading to a buttery creamy yellow. I wasn’t keen on it when we first moved in as it was the only yellow in the garden but I’ve come to appreciate it’s colour shift and the fact that it has reliably kept flowering.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my six. I’ve got lots of tidying to do. The extension is almost finished. Just a few tidying jobs to do then we can sit in the new garden room to look out at the abundance of Summer. Dahlia seedlings need potting on and I may put some of the larger ones in the ground now. Enjoy your weekends.

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20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 22.6.19”

  1. Enjoy your garden room when it’s finished. I spend far too long in ours watching the birds and gazing at the garden. I really like that allium. So many varieties. Hostas wouldn’t stand a chance in our garden which is a pity!

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  2. Very beautiful rose! I also talked about lychnis today, we have the same but yours had rain …
    About the hosta Halcyon I also grow it for 2 years. It has twice the volume of yours but grow slowly … thank you for tips to preserve room around, just in case …

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  3. Have you noticed the Allium has a lovely floral fragrance? I was surprised that both the white and a large purple (Globemaster?) do. Not oniony at all! Good luck with the coleus; I bought several last year for the cooler courtyard and they were all eaten by S&S. Ended up chucking them on the compost! If you can get them to grow they do make lovely foliage plants.

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    1. I hadn’t noticed a scent but I will be checking it out now. The coleus are coming on gradually. Stuck a few seedlings straight in the ground and potted on 12. Figured that was enough. Picked up some bargain red heuchera today at farmer’s market. So got a burst of evergreen foliage for the front.

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  4. Lychnis Coronaria is such a good plant! About 25 years ago, I encouraged my class to cultivate a small flowerbed behind the formroom. One pupil produced some lychnis seeds from his home plants which really worked well even though they kept getting bashed about by footballs etc.. I think my present plants are descendants of the original.

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    1. I really like rose campion. Seen it on quite a few people’s sixes. It keeps going for good periods and did very well with drought last year. Though don’t see used much in my area even though it is well suited to local conditions.


  5. Heucheras are plants I’ve really come to appreciate vicariously via SoS and I’ve planted one myself in what I hope will be a suitable spot. We’ll see. I love your rose with its red-tipped buds. I wonder if it’s my favourite ‘Peace’ which starts off like that.


  6. I did enjoy your Six, thank you very much. The photo of the yellow rose w/its buds is really lovely. I have white allium that always tends to undulate so never considered staking them. I imagine it looks nice, having them upright! Love the lychnis.

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