30 Days Wild: Idea 15-Butterfly banquet

Today’s idea will get some use out of any overripe fruit. We buy in a lot of fruit for Alice but as her tastes shift from one week to the next we find we usually have a bit left over. Bananas are commonly left over.

The peel is cut and put under the flowering shrubs. The hydrangeas seem to benefit from the extra nutrients. They don’t show under the hydrangea as it has thick enough growth.

Then the banana I put out in a bowl. As it ripens the smell brings in many insects but butterflies particularly like this. Red admirals seem to be the commonest visitor I attract.

Last year grapes brought in many visitors. This idea works well in Autumn when many of the flowers are fading away and the butterflies have few choices available.



If you give this a try. Have some patience. The butterflies seem to like it as it gets well past the point we’d eat it.

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