Six on Saturday: 8.6.19-Cottage garden favourites

This week I seem to have ended up with a selection of Cottage Garden favourites. The building work is almost done now and the borders are full of activity with lots still to come up. I’ve spiked the lawn as it was badly damaged by building work and spread new seed. It will recover quickly enough but looks bad currently. We’ve had good bursts of sun and rain which should help. The front garden has had a few plants put in and I’m hoping to get a bit further this weekend.

1. Foxgloves

They are one of my favourites. The tall spires are always great to see and beloved by bees. I’ve got a mixture growing this year. Some I grew from seed, some that self-seeded and a few cheap ones purchased. Many of the varieties this year seem short so I’m going to start growing some taller types to make sure they are standing proud in the border next year.

2. Lupins

Last year I planted several patches of lupins. They were all devastated by slugs and snails with the exception of this on that is growing strong. It has been surrounded by sheep wool pellets to act as protection. It’s done the job well.

3. Honeysuckle Belgica

This early Dutch honeysuckle was planted last year. I planted this one on the edge of the patio with the intention that it will grow up to give the scent on the patio. I have some native honeysuckle in the corner of the border but no one ever gets close enough to enjoy it. This is growing up well gradually claiming a good section of fence. I’m gradually getting different climbers established along the fence to build up the greenery.

4. Marigolds

My mum planted a handful two years ago. I allow a few to self-seed and come back each year.

5. Azalea japonica-Agadir

I bought this little azalea last year. It’s not really my taste but I know Amy likes the one at her dads. It’s put on a good amount of growth since buying and has more flowers than I expected for its first year. It’s bold and brash so I’ve currently got it down by the bench at the end of the garden as it stands out from a distance.

6. Rose Scarlett Paul

Another addition from last year. I planted two of these bare root climbers last year. They have put on loads of growth and I’ve been working on training horizontal branches to encourage flowers. It’s covered in buds that are starting to open. It’s about a third of the way up the fence. In another year or so this should cover all of this fence section. Again, like the azalea, the flowers are bold and showy. This one doesn’t have any scent to speak of but there are two old roses still to flower with great scent.

Tomorrow is open gardens in my area so I’m hoping to get out and have a good look through lots of other peoples gardens. It didn’t run last year but the previous visit was great. There are some spectacular gardens around me and it gave me some great inspiration for what would probably do well in my garden when I first started out. If I get out you can expect mass numbers of photos

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21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 8.6.19-Cottage garden favourites”

  1. Great looking foxgloves and that lupin looks extremely well. Nice Six. I never have much luck growing grass seed.

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    1. The foxgloves are looking a bit dedraggled for wind and rain last night but they’ll pick up as they dry.
      The lupin patch is doing really well. It’s second year and come back strong.
      I’ve done patches of grass seed successfully but this is quite large areas. Just slow of spiking, forking, seed, top soil and then watering.

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  2. Everything in your garden is looking good and healthy. I’m fed up of growing lupins to feed the snails so grew in pots this year with unspectacular results. I wonder if a more mature plant will be less attractive to snails.

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  3. That’s an unusual, dark honeysuckle. The only time I grew it was a long time ago up a trellis by our front door. I arrived home from work one day to find the whole thing collapsed on the drive and riddled with blackfly! Your foxgloves are beautiful.


  4. I don’t bother with foxgloves as there are enough in the surrounding lanes and the leaves are a bit big for my garden, but I do like the pale ones. Your lupin is looking grand! I only have some dwarf ones (free) and one has been truly chomped, but I did notice a flower bud on one this week so fingers crossed!


    1. I’m feeling I need to give more space for a mass of foxgloves so they have more impact. Got quite a few varieties free with magazines. I like sitting down on the shaded bench and seeing the bees in and out.
      The lupin is a beast. It was planted last year but has come back much stronger this year. I’d planted two new ones around it this year. A pink and a white one but they are completely dwarfed by this one. I didn’t give them enough space.

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  5. I love foxgloves and lupins too; I think it’s the added height they bring to any deep border. There is something quite English about them….any way I have been trialing Strulch. It’s a straw based organic mulch and it’s brilliant as a slug deterrent! I’m no good with honeysuckles as they are always covered in greenfly in my garden! Nice 6 Josh.

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    1. Yes, the height makes them stand out nicely when I look out the window. I used a similar straw based mulch to strulch. I’ve used more wool pellets this year which seem to have worked well.
      The honeysuckles seem to do alright though the rose below has some greenfly.


  6. With the wind we had yesterday and last night, 3/4 of the foxgloves were broken but looking through the window of my office, I still see 6 or 7 stems standing … That’s good. Lupins have resisted better.
    Very pretty azalea color!


  7. I planted lupins this year & they’re stuck in seedling mode. Haven’t a clue why they’re being recalcitrant as everything else in that bed is doing well. I tried wool pellets for the first time this year & have good results, but there’s always a brave slug that gets thru. Am wondering if it goes under & comes up in a space. All your blooms are really beautiful, even the brash ones (!) but there’s something about that purple foxglove, a colour I don’t particularly like. Maybe it’s the freckles or your photo skills, but the colour really accentuates the frilly shape of the bloom in a way the white one doesn’t. Your garden must be buzzing now!


  8. Quite a lot of lupins on SoS this week, and why not, because they’re lovely things. I think I overwatered mine. Also didn’t have any luck with foxgloves as I think it’s just too hot here for them. They gave up in despair eventually. What are sheep wool pellets?

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    1. The pellets are sheep’s wool compressed into pellets about the size of slug pellets. You spread them around a plant to protect it from slugs and snails. They don’t like going across it. People report various degrees of success.


    1. Yes, my foxgloves are looking very droopy. Hanging on but only just. If the rain ever stops I’ve got a few different seed varieties to sow for next year. They’ve looked a bit spread out. Some will self seed but want some to fill gaps.


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