30 Days Of Wild: Idea 8-Hedgehog Hole

Modern new build houses frequently have brick walls or fences impenetrable to many small mammals, particularly hedgehogs. Hedgehogs travel, on average, one mile a night to look for food. If we are putting up solid obstacles we restrict their access to food.

This can easily be solved with hedgehog holes. A few minutes with a saw can cut a hole in the gate or fence to give hedgehogs access. It doesn’t need to big. The size of a CD will do.

A hole for hedgehogs.

Alternatively, you can dig a small hole under the fence. A word of warning, ask neighbours and don’t dig holes through to gardens if they have pets likely to hurt the hedgehogs or get through themselves. If you have fence panels this can be trickier but commercial options are available to make it easier.

It took me a couple of minutes cutting a hole in the gate and since then I’ve had hedgehogs visiting on a regular basis.


For more information check out the wonderful hedgehog street and become a hedgehog champion. Hedgehogs are super for gardeners. They eat a large number of garden pests saving your much-loved plants. Well worth welcoming into our gardens.

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