30 Days Wild: Idea 7 Visit a reserve

As part of 30 days wild, I’ve come to appreciate the nature on my doorstep. But it is always nice to get out for the day to see something different, something you don’t get to see every day. As 30 days is the Wildlife Trusts initiatives I’d recommend getting out to one of their many reserves. They have a whole host of habitats on offer. With reserves covering woodland, meadows, coastal sites, wetlands you are spoilt for choice. Going to a reserve provides opportunities to support the Trust. Visitor numbers are important as well as a chance to support by buying a cuppa or souvenir if there is a visitors centre or just giving a donation. Plus you get the chance to enjoy wildlife you don’t always get the chance to see.

Our recent trip to Flamborough offered us a chance to see crabs and other sea creatures we can’t find on Hornsea beach as easily.

North Cave Wetlands is one of my favourite local spots. The wetlands attract lots of birds but it’s the insect life I love seeing.

The RSPB also offer many reserves up and down the country. We often pop into Bempton Cliffs on the way back from Amy’s dad. It’s just off the route and breaks up the journey. We get to see nesting seabirds we’d be unlikely to come across otherwise. If you have a long journey it is worth checking out the reserve list to see if there is anywhere like this you can stop off to break up the journey and de-stress.


The Forestry Commission has many locations across the UK providing for walkers, bikers and many outdoor pursuits. There’s no telling what you might find.

I haven’t been to the Wetlands in a little while so I’m hoping to make it there again during these 30 days. Have you got any trips planned?

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