30 Days of Wild: Idea 4-Wildlife books

It is sometimes difficult to get outside work and family commitments can take us places less than wild. So today suggestion is to spend a few minutes settling with a wild read. There are many great authors currently getting published under the rather horrible title of nature writing. The market has been flooded with books covering the restorative power of nature. There is a wealth of options covering all forms of life.

I’ve got a few books ready for this month. The first option is a debut from Norwegian professor Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson. I’m excited for this one. It’s a while since I read anything on insect life so I’m ready for something new. It’s been well reviewed so it hopefully won’t disappoint.

The next is a trip to childhood nostalgia. I have The enchanted places to read by Christopher Milne. After watching the lovely Christopher Robin movie telling a fictionalised version of Christopher Robin I wanted to know more about the real story. This book recounts his memories of the real 100 Acre Woods. I thought it might be a good read for looking at creating memories for Alice.

The last book I have lined up is Still water by John Lewis-Stempel. John Lewis-Stempel’s meadowlands remains one of my favourite books on the natural world. His books feature superb descriptions of what he observes in his day to day encounters. Coming from a farming family and farming himself his books write from a different perspective to many of the books on the market. He manages to write about farming while supporting wildlife showing different options for the future. Still Water has a particular interest to me living near Hornsea Mere, the largest fresh water lake in Yorkshire, and North Cave Wetlands.


Following on from John Lewis-Stempel I’d also recommend checking out the Wainright Prize. John has won a number of times and been nominated in other years. The list always features an interesting mix. They aren’t always all to my taste but they do seem to showcase the best in the field.

So whatever you are doing today make some time for nature even if it is just a few pages of a wild read before bed. I hope you’re all enjoying 30 days wild. What have you got up to? Any wild reading recommendations?

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