Six on Saturday: 25.5.19 recuparating

After the excitement of Alice’s birthday, I’ve spent much of the week ill so I haven’t had much energy to do any jobs in the garden. Most of the photos of from last week before I came down with this plague.

1 Lilac

The lilac is at peak flower point. The scent is heavenly and the flowers are swarming with visitors.

2. Bishops Children dahlia seedlings

The dahlia seedlings in the really useful box cold frame have been my most successful seedlings. These have been moved in and out during the day. They are shooting up in height now. Some will be ready for pinching out soon to encourage bushier shapes and more flowers. The leaves are showing their characteristic dark foliage now.

3. Alliums

The purple sensation alliums are starting to open up. Alliums are a favourite every year. Easy to grow and provide a long-lasting impact even when they dry out. The bees love them. A winner every year.

4. Cosmos

I’ve started my cosmos seeds off. They have germinated and are growing up well. I have a few varieties on the go. This years are mainly from Sarah Raven with candy stripe and cranberry click looking to be two of the varieties I’m most excited about.

5. Clematis

I planted this last year and it now has a handful of flowers. I can’t remember the name and haven’t managed to look back on the blogs to find out what it is. The flowers are small but pretty with nice dark foliage to the leaves.

6. Aquilegia

The aquilegia are really thriving this year. They seem twice the height they’ve ever been before. Most are self-seeded and grow white or with a hint of purple or pink. They’ve gradually spread down the border and seem to have found places they are happy.

I grew some aquilegia McKana from seed last year and they are now flowering. Not that many seem to have come through but this one is lovely.

Hope you all have good weekends. I’ve got another plant sale tomorrow. This time at the local church. I’m not sure I’ve got the energy to go but I need to start walking and getting upright.

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28 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 25.5.19 recuparating”

  1. Such a dainty clematis. Really pretty. Your columbine is wonderful, too, & I can imagine the lilac makes the garden smell wonderful. So sorry you’re sick. Too bad you have a plant sale, as it’d be a great day laying out in the garden, for medicinal purposes, of course. Altho maybe you wouldn’t be able to rest? Too many plants calling out to you for attention.

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  2. That clematis looks very like the C. ‘Marjorie’ that The Prop posted last week. Good to hear your Dahlias are doing well. My top tip for seedling Dahlias is to keep them growing strongly, don’t let them get hungry or pot bound. I look forward to seeing what you get, I’ve not grown that selection.

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    1. Cheers for advice on dahlias. The Bishop’s Children look good on photos. Shorter but that should improve their chance of getting to flower growing from seed.

      I think you’re right on the clematis. Haven’t found the label yet but Marjorie rings a bell.


  3. Hope you’re feeling better soon. Your dahlia seedlings are doing well. I’m definitely getting more alliums come the autumn.

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      1. I did have wild garlic but got worried after numerous tales of rampaging ransoms and dug up my main clump. Seedlings still appear. The flowers are nice though and you can eat it.

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  4. I was going to say that your clematis looks like C. ‘Marjorie’ which the Prop showed us last week, as it also looks like mine! I see Jim has beaten me to it 🙂 Love aquilegia, I ‘d like some to free seed in my garden, but the two I have seem to struggle. Hope you are feeling better, being ill at this time of year always seems worse with the sun shining…

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  5. They already look better for a good soaking and going in the ground. Neighbours probably think I’m mad if they’ve been watching as I’ve gone out in the rain to water again. But it’s only raining lightly so won’t have any major impact on newly planted additions.


  6. Oh dear, I hope you feel better very soon. I have been looking more closely at my aquilegias and have noticed what different styles and colours I have. If I can take some clear enough photos, I will feature some next week. Have a quiet weekend admiring your garden with your feet up – it will wait for you.


  7. I hope you feel better soon. The plague doesn’t sound like something you’d want to have hanging around. Our lilacs are long gone, and we finally have summer temperatures that make me long for autumn.

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  8. Oh there is so much going around. Half term rest now so hopefully you will feel better soon. Your alliums are a little behind mine I think; I’ve already got some going to seed. Love that dainty clematis.


  9. Very interested to see how the Dahlia seedlings turn out… I don’t know what they end up looking like so it will be a fun surprise to follow along and see. I like them because of the name, and it reminds me of that famous murder of the Black Dahlia. Creepy!

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