Six on Saturday: 27.4.19 Peak tulip

After last week looking at ferns I promised to return to flowers and I have a spectacular collection this week. The tulips are reaching their peak with just a few more tulips to come over the next month or so. I am not a fan of the standard goblet tulips or a lot of the more common colours. I can appreciate them but I’m not that bothered for growing them myself. So over the last few years, I’ve branched off into other forms and come to see them as part of Spring.
1. Dolls Minuet

The dolls minuet tulips are a new introduction this year. I’m very happy with these. They have proved to be good through different phases. Starting as a tightly twisted coil. Then opening into sprawling curled petals. These are lovely short bright tulips. A winner for me.

2. Rococo parrot

I’ve grown black parrots the last two years and really loved them so I thought I’d try a different parrot. Here they are with the previously featured tulip tres chic. The tres chic have gone through a tall elegant phase opening into nice pointed stars. The combination looks a bit messy up close but looks pretty good together from the house.

I’m not show about the rococo tulips if they are a beauty or a beast but they’ve had a lot of comments from visitors and been incredibly popular on Twitter. The colours are certainly striking. I think I like them as a tight bud more than as a sprawling open mess.

3. Queen of the nights

Queen of the nights have featured on a mass number of six on Saturday posts the last few weeks. But they are a beautiful tulip. The lovely dark colour combines well with many plants. Mine is rising out of forget-me-nots and combined with the bleeding heart. A reliable choice.

4. Red Riding Hood

The red riding hood tulips are one of the brightest red I’ve grown. They have wonderful stripey foliage. They’ve been in pots three years and I think are starting to lose their rigour. Only one has come up so far but it is a bright flame in the border.

5. Forgotten tulip-alectric

These were a Tesco bargain bought towards the end of the season a few years ago. I think I bought one box then another when it got late on in Autumn and they were down to clearance prices. They were devastated by slugs the first year but have come back much stronger this year. I had partially forgotten these were in the border but they are another nice pairing with the forget-me-not carpet.

6. Borage

And now for a break from the tulips. The borage has its first flowers and they’ve come out white this year. The borage self-seeds around and I let a handful stay. It is great for the bees and the flowers are edible an can be used for cake decoration. Not that I’ve ever used them for this purpose.

There are still a couple of tulips still to come. I hope you’ve enjoyed the current offerings. If you fancy taking part in six on Saturday check the founding father’s participant guide. Also, check the Twitter hashtag #SixOnSaturday to see more garden offerings. Enjoy your weekends.

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29 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 27.4.19 Peak tulip”

    1. I’m happy with the minuet. I’d grow more of these. Still unsure on the parrots. I’ll probably try a different red parrot next year instead. Still got the black parrots to come but there looking a bit stunted as they’ve been in the same pot a few years.

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      1. I grow Blue parrot tulips but the bulbs have been buried since last year and the flowering will be less beautiful… I just read that Katharine also introduced Dolls minuet tulip this morning : Nice !

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I should have taken commission on the rococo parrots. They’ve been very popular on twitter but I much prefer the minuets. I think it was Taylors bulbs that owes me commission or at least a fresh supply for promotion next year.


  1. Red riding hood tulips seem to have ‘off’ years, maybe weather related? You had a very dry summer if I remember correctly. Mine are having a good year. They are really old, probably over 20, so don’t give up on yours yet.


  2. A great collection of tulips & as above, I love the Queen/bleeding heart photo. Like an aerial dance got in mid leap. I also love forget-me-nots & they’re easy enough to control while adding so much at this time of year. They do go so well w/spring bulbs & are lovely w/your tulips.

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  3. The Dolls Minuet is popular it seems and I have added it to my next year’s list. I like the shorter tulips they do better here. For the same reason I dislike the parrots. I think it was Rococo that I grew last year and found them to be quite ugly. Too big and heavy and showy for my pots. But they do look interesting when closed.
    [just checked: I grew Avignon Parrots]

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    1. The dolls minuets have started short and then seem to have shot up with the rain today. Still shorter than many of the others but added another 10cm or so. The parrots started full of promise but they don’t look right in the pots. I’ll see if I can find a space in the border to move them into and then if I still don’t like them next year they can go into the school garden if they look like they have any life left in them. Plenty of room in the school garden for plants I don’t care as much for. Kids will probably love them.

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