Easter Weekend

Well, we’ve had a lovely Easter weekend and thought I’d share a few pics as we spent a night at my parents and there garden is looking lovely at the moment.

On Saturday Hornsea park had a bouncy castle and a number of rides out for the weekend. This was the first time I’ve tried Alice on a ride. It was just a swing but she loved it.

Sunday we went to my parents for an Easter hunt with a special visitor.

Alice had lots of fun with her family.

Then a good meal with bunny crackers.

Then we walked it off with a walk up to see the church flower displays.

Then back to play at my parent’s house. Here are a few shots over the day of their garden looking stunning.
The stand out tulips.

The bright green of the acer looking great. I quite fancy adding one to my garden to add a medium height tree and more shade for ferns.

My parents have started to add ferns though not enough for my liking.

There are always plenty of birds visiting the feeders. This visit the tits and finches were out in force.

The standout plant in the garden at the moment is the cherry tree with masses of blossom this year. Here featuring a greenfinch.

Then we’ve had a good time with Alice’s cousin celebrating her birthday. Hope you’ve all had lovely Easter weekends.

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3 thoughts on “Easter Weekend”

  1. We had Christmas crackers when we lived in England and even managed to find some back in the States. We’ve never seen Easter crackers. Wow! Do you know if they have been available a long time?


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