Six on Saturday: 13.4.19

I’ve enjoyed the first week of my holiday. We’ve got out few times as a family and just Alice and myself went to Bugtopia. I’m making good progress clearing the front garden. The purchase of a mattock has made clearing the hebes easier. The garden is really coming to life and it’s starting to become harder to select six. But there were a few stand out jobs and flowers this week.
1. Hydrangea Chop Time

The hydrangea mopheads were left on for the Winter. But as lots of growth has started with the warm weather I figured it was time for their yearly haircut. The mops are gone and Alice enjoyed waving them around as she bounced up and down the builder’s plank.

2. Skimmia Japonica

The Skimmia has been slow to get going. I’ve kept it in a pot to give it the soil conditions it likes. They make for good all year interest. The evergreen leaves stay looking nice, the buds, berries and flowers make for a long season of interest. Though looking back at the photo I spotted all the grass I needed to weed from the pot.

3. Water Bird Feeder

I bought a reduced hanging water feeder a few weeks back. Adding the birdbath brought in a lot of the larger birds last year. This one is designed to attract smaller birds. You have to fill it then turn it to hang. This is a little awkward but if the Summer is like last year I think the birds will appreciate another water source.

4. Aquilegia Winky double

We went to the garden centre last Sunday. I let Alice choose a plant for my mum for mothers day as she went on holiday so we hadn’t seen her. Alice chose this and then wanted one for herself. It’s gone into a shady spot near a self-seeded one coming up.

5. Tulip ‘tres chic’

This was a wedding present last year. It’s a rather elegant narrow tulip. I haven’t really grown any like this previously. I’ve avoided the standard Dutch shape so far and mainly gone for parrots but I like these.

6. Lamprocapnos spectabilis ‘bleeding heart’

Bleeding heart is always a joy when this returns in Spring. Such as a fascinating flower. I have a couple dotted about the garden and they seem to come back reliably each year

I’ve bought a white variety “Alba” to go in the front garden. The building work may not be complete before this finishes flowering but even if I plant it after it should come back fine. I think it’ll look good rising up through some of the planned shorter ferns.

I’m off out to Hull beer festival held in Trinity church so I won’t be around. I will catch up on everyone else’s sixes later or tomorrow. I’m never sure whether a beer festival in a church is sacrilegious but it probably draws in more to the church than any other day of the year. In the meantime check out the participants guide if you fancy taking part. Be sure to check today’s six from the propagator to find other six on Saturday blogs in the comments. Have fun everyone!

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20 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 13.4.19”

  1. Those tulips are very elegant looking. Love the aquilegia. Watching the birds enjoying water (either to drink or bathe) is always rather nice.

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  2. Alice made a good choice with this aquilegia … it’s very pretty. I’m not really a fan of thin tulips but I must admit that they are very elegant and as they come from the wedding, it‘s still a better memory !

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    1. I’ve never bought thin or white tulips before but I’m liking them. Reminds me of the tulips on paradise garden tiling. Not sure there elegance will suit my wilder borders though. I normally empty the pots to put the tulips into the border but may keep these in pots.

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  3. My aquilegias are not showing any buds yet but there is plenty of healthy foliage. They seed themselves all over the place among the forget-me-nots and perennial geraniums! I could just leave them to colonise the garden and watch from a distance!! Lovely photos.


  4. Alice has good taste in plants! The winky series of Aquilegia form nice bushy plants, shorter than most varieties but way more floriferous once they get established. That little bird water feeder is a brilliant idea. I suspect that one will arrive here shortly.

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      1. Guess what arrived this morning! Birds are naturally wary of anything new (when I changed a seed feeder for a larger one it was a while before they came back to it, despite it being in the same place and simply a few inches longer) so I guess they’ll be using both yours and mine soon.

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  5. Love the delicate blue of the Aquilegia.I have a few but they have self seeded over a few years so are all pink or white. Alice made a good choice.
    Enjoy the rest of your Easter break Josh.

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    1. Yes self seeders revert back quickly so worth buying a few or growing from seed. Been a nice break so far. Wife starting o painting new extension room while I look after Alice. But got a few more days out planned.


  6. Your Tulip ‘tres chic’ is definitely an elegant lady. I actually love the lily shaped tulips and they survive the wind better than the heavier heads like parrots. Alice has excellent taste, I see she is a fan of the colour blue and I noticed that she is almost the same age as my youngest grandson – Luca – who will be three on 8th May. He lives in Brisbane though so we don’t get to see him very often. They grow so quickly. Nice that Alice is involved with nature. You are a good dad 🙂

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  7. That water feeder for smaller birds is a great idea, but not one I’ve seen here. We have some rather aggressive native birds which seem to see the little ones, which I’d rather have in the garden, off the premises. Alice is having fun in the garden. She looks very sweet in her pink and blue.

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    1. I spent winter cracking the ice on the main bird bath then refilling and cleaning through last Summer. But it brings in so many birds for no major cost. With the drought last year you could see a water source was appreciated.


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