Six On Saturday: 30.3.19 Birthday Edition

As mentioned last week Sunday was my birthday and I received a number of nice garden gifts. I had a good day despite my throat still hurting. The sun was shining and I managed a little bit of time out weeding in the garden. Then lunch out at the Floral Hall and a walk along the beach. So onwards with showing off my presents.

1. Niwaki treats

The wife has picked up from my Christmas present that buying me something from Niwaki is a good bet for making me happy. The first treat was the double holster. This comfortably fits the secateurs and snips. I’d bought a holster previously and I’ve found it very useful for having tools to hand. This should get plenty of use as well as storing the tools better. As I often leave them on work surfaces Alice isn’t going to spike herself on my tools. Then she also bought me some crean mate a block for cleaning tools with to prevent rust and build up of gunk. Should help keep my tools in good nick.

2. Hydrangea libelle

Hydrangea libelle is a small white lacecap hydrangea bought for me by my parents. So far my garden has three pink mopheads and I have three limelights to go in so this will add some variety to the hydrangea love. It grows to just over a metre so I may keep this one for a pot rather than the border.

3. Hosta Dream weaver

While it doesn’t look like much currently this should become a gold-leaved hosta. This grows wider rather than taller at about 50cm tall and 70cm wide so it might be a nice one for a pot or else I’ll use it in the shaded front garden.

4. Bird books

I got two books on birds. One to help with learning the bird song and another more informative book that looks like it should be interesting. It’ll be nice to sit in our new garden room and read these.

5. Garden vouchers

I received some garden vouchers. Vouchers are always nice as you feel you can buy something you wouldn’t normally feel comfortable buying yourself. I think I’ve got my hydrangea fill for now. So maybe some big patio pots or more ferns for the front garden.

A previous birthday present

This camellia Christmas Rose was bought for me two years ago by one of my now sister in laws. It has taken to years to flower but it has been worth the wait. They are big and brash but it’s a welcome colour burst at this point of the year. It probably isn’t quite hardy enough for my conditions but the edge browning doesn’t show as badly as on the white camellia.

It was a good birthday. I’ve now got to work out what to spend my vouchers on. My plans for the front garden are gradually coming together. The building work is still going on but I can start on prepping some of the space ready. Hope you all have good weekends and check the six on Saturday participants guide if you feel like getting involved in this lovely gardening community.

26 thoughts on “Six On Saturday: 30.3.19 Birthday Edition”

  1. Happy birthday for last week. It’s great when people give gardening presents recognising your love of plants and gardening and giving something really useful as well. Number one looks amazingly useful and elegant.

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  2. Happy belated birthday. The camellia is beautiful. I saw that bird song book a while ago & pondered getting it. I have a cd & book but it’s a faff to find the right bird song track!

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    1. It’s the way forward to ensure I get a plant I’d like and have a purpose for rather than another tender plant unsuitable for my garden. Then I don’t have to appear ungrateful when it is planted only to removed a year later.


    1. Wouldn’t go very far at Sarah Raven though. This should cover a lot of the plants I still need for my front garden plans though. Got the holly, hydrangea, ferns, hostas. So this will round it out nicely.


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