Thompson and Morgan stunning succulents grow kit

I won this kit through a Twitter competition and have since been holding out on sowing the seeds. I want to try to time it so they can go outside later in the year. I have several pots of sempervivums already and these look like they’ll fit in well to fill a few gaps. Here is a round-up of the kit and the first steps to growing.

The kit comes with 5 pots and pellets, labels, snips and seeds for two all together are succulents. Sempervivum hybrdum mixed and Sempervivum tectorum.

The pellets need to be soaked in water for them to grow to size. These are magical to watch as they soak up the water and slowly rise wobbling upwards.

The peat discs can then be crumbled into the pots provided. Then the pots need a good soak to ensure it’s all nice and moist before seed sowing.

The seeds are tiny so a brush came in handy to get them out the pack and into the pots. I then labelled up the pots to keep track of progress.

The pack came with a plastic bag to wrap them in to keep them moist while they germinate, but I’ve put them in a propagator so I can do them altogether. The advice then states that they need leaving somewhere warm with low light such as an airing cupboard until they germinate.

The instructions suggest it will be a few weeks before they germinate so I will report back in a month or so with an update. All in all, this is a nice little kit ideal for a present. There are a number of other kits in the range covering fruit and veg and even a bonsai kit. At ¬£10 they are reasonably priced as a present though many of the plants can be bought cheap as seeds so probably not something you’d buy for yourself. It’ll be a few weeks until these need pricking out so for now they just need keeping moist and warm. Wish me luck!

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