Big Garden Birdwatch: The results

Having posted about my preparations for the Big Garden Birdwatch here are the results. Alice sat on my knees for most of the time checking through her binoculars or drawing the birds she saw. She surprised me looking through her bird book when she named the puffin. She’s taking everything in. We currently have building work going on so I thought the birds might be visiting less as there have been people in and out the garden all week.

Alice thinks the building site is great though with lots to climb and balance along.

Most of today’s photos are taken from previous days or the trail camera as I didn’t want to go outside during the birdwatch and scare any away. I watched early morning between 8 and 9. The garden goes through bursts of bird activity. A lot come in the early morning then more at lunchtime more at dusk

Results as follows:

    • Blackbirds 8

        • House sparrows 10 +

    • Robin 1

    • Dunnocks 1
    • Jackdaw 2
    • Common gull 1

  • Woodpigeon 2
  • Starlings 10+
  • Blue tits 1
  • Wren 1

Last year I had 10 species though not the same 10. I’m not seeing the finches as much. The goldfinches have been coming in but the greenfinches and chaffinches are non-existent. I know there have been problems nationally with a disease. So it’s important to clean feeders to stop the disease from spreading if they are going to recover.

The trail camera caught lots of the action on the ground.

Not too bad a variety coming in considering the disruption in the garden currently. Quite a few common visitors didn’t come in. No collared doves, great tits or goldfinches. The crows have been visiting lots recently, but none during my watch. But that seems to be how it goes. Hope you’re all enjoying your weekends and if you are doing your own count it goes well. We have celebrated my mums birthday with a walk out and a fountain candle. A good follow up to our contribution to conservation with the Birdwatch. Today we’re off to the garden centre. She’s been calling through again and again recently in the night. So in desperation, I promised a trip to the garden centre, see the fish, get a cake and a play in the toy area if she slept through on her own. Much to our surprise, she did. Though I don’t think we can afford to get her to sleep this way everyday.

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6 thoughts on “Big Garden Birdwatch: The results”

  1. Annoying isn’t it when the usual birds don’t visit during the count. I had to do it on Monday and sat in the conservatory with coffee and camera for an hour. My wrens didn’t appear nor the collared doves, but there were loads of goldfinches. I also saw two dunnocks – such cute little birds. And this weekend I have seen my first thrush in the garden. Twice! Hoping it comes back and finds some snails to eat!

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