Six on a Saturday: Christmas presents

So garden bloggers we are out the other side of Christmas I’ve seen lots of the Tweeters and bloggers I follow were treated to many gardening gifts. Today I’m going to share some of my presents. I didn’t ask for very much this year. I just wanted a couple of top quality tools. My theory being that it is better to buy a few quality items that last rather than replacing every few years.

1. Niwaki okatsune secateurs

This was the main gift I’d asked for. I proffer to ask for something that will get used a lot rather than something I merely desire. While pricey by most standards they are tools that will last me for a long time. Japanese steel and a razor-sharp edge make these a pleasure to work with. I got in the garden yesterday to do some pruning and these made the jobs so much easier. Between my Gold Leaf gloves and these, I felt like a proper gardener. The roses were dealt with ease with no scratches to show for it.

2. Grass edging tools

My parents bought me edging tools clearly in the hope that I will do it neatly. One will cut vertically, the other horizontally making the job a bit easier.

3. Poppy seeds

My mum picked these up while on holiday. The colour looks nice if a bit more ruffled than I’d normally go for.

4. Cosmos

My mum asked for some cosmos for Christmas. I got her a variety of packs from Sarah Raven. I added a pack of a rich purple variety “double click cranberries” and “candy floss” a white variety with pink edges.

Combined with a pack I got free with a magazine and a pack from our wedding gifts I think I have more cosmos than I can really fit in the border, but never mind.

5. Air plants-Tillandsia

I got an air plant Christmas decoration from my mum. Most tillandsia are epiphytes meaning they grow on the surface of another plant. They get their nutrients from the air and water. Many orchids are epiphytes growing on the bark of trees. Many air plants grow on rocks, cliff faces, and trees rather than soil. In theory, they are easy to keep needing the odd spray of water and an occasional dunk. However, they don’t like hard water. Air plants take in water through specially adapted water absorbing cells called trichomes. Hard water contains minerals which can block these preventing moisture absorption. So I’m going to need to try and collect rainwater or at least filter the tap water.

I also have two I received from Geo-Fleur. Amy doesn’t like them much so that is largely going to dictate where they end up being placed in the house.

6. Robins

While not for the garden Amy knows I like my garden robins and got me two robin presents.

She got me a robin for the tree.

Then a carved robin. She said I don’t have to put it away after Christmas, but not sure if that means it will lose its specialness.

A lovely collection of thoughtful gifts. It was good to get in the garden yesterday and put some to use. I hope you all enjoyed your Christmas days and had time with people you love. With New Year coming up I’ll be looking to write my review of the year. It’s been a busy year with the wedding and the garden has come on a lot in this time as well. Enjoy your weekends.

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13 thoughts on “Six on a Saturday: Christmas presents”

  1. Interesting seeds for the coming year!
    I had a tillandsia a few years ago, but not on a nice support like the ones we can see now. It was hanging from a dried stem with wire and often fell behind the buffet. The “housekeeper” aspirated it with the vacuum cleaner …End of the plant

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  2. You and the Propagator have matching secateurs! I may have to look into these as my cheap ones aren’t doing too well despite sharpening. A very nice selection of cosmos.

    Liked by 1 person

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