7 Days of Wild Christmas Day 3: the mist descends

Bird watching

Day 3 of 7 days of Wild Christmas saw our last day staying at my parents. I relocated Alice’s binoculars which have been missing for a few weeks wrapped in a blanket. She watched out my parents window spotting a turtle, a door, birds and a lion.

There was a good variety out today. My favourite group was the charm of goldfinches that kept visiting through the day.


After a rather scrumptious lunch, we drove home. On the way home I had to stop and admire the mist for a minute as it floated eerily over the fields. The mist draining the colour from the outside world.

Bizarrely an urchin and group of crabs had been left in the ditch.

The mist over the mere was particularly stunning with the sunset coming down.

Swans and waders floated through the mist.

Local News

I returned home to a positive news story. My town has been awarded plastic-free communities status as local businesses have made pledges and taken action on cutting down single use plastic. A lot of hard work has gone into this inclusing community beach cleans and work with the local schools. The steering commitee has worked hard and I’m sure they are proud of what they’ve achieved so far.


Having spent a few days at my dads with his many rechargeable batteries I felt I should dig mine out to power some of the Christmas lights rather than adding to the disposable culture issues. I dug out some I had and these are now powering a string of lights rather than ones that will end up thrown in a few weeks. While it might only be a small gesture every little bit of waste reduction helps.

Now I’m back home I’m looking forward to trying to get out in the garden and putting some of my new Christmas presents to good use and continuing my seven days of wildness.

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