7 Days of Wild Christmas

The Wildlife Trust is running a new Winter initiative over the next few days to complement the Summer 30 days campaign. This blog was originally set up to record my efforts over the 30 days in June. Each day you were encouraged to do one activity to connect with nature. This new campaign runs from the 25th December to the 31st of December. #7daysofwildchristmas

Each day you do one thing to connect with the wildlife around us and nature. It might be taking a moment to watch the birds, make a Christmas wreath for birds, photo the frost. I have a suspicion that the iciest options may be out with the current wet weather. But, a walk after Christmas is always a good plan. Walk off some of the excesses of Christmas dinner. A good way to keep the kids entertained in the come down after Christmas.

No registration for this one. Just share efforts through the social media hashtag #7daysofwildChristmas

I will be posting some of my efforts here and some through Twitter. Get involved, you’ll feel better for it!

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