Six on Saturday: 8.12.18 Chaos in the garden

The work on the house has begun. The rendering is being redone. This will be followed by the patio being paved. It should improve the area no end. The patio was cleared last week leaving chaos all over.

1. The pots

I needed to move the pots off, so these are now spread around. I got a lot around the bench. Then some have been put in the border.

2. The lawn

I couldn’t avoid having to put some things on the lawn. The builders in and out in this weather will churn it up but it can’t be helped. One corner I was planning to dig out to put the small round table from the patio on. Then we’ll look at a bigger table on the new patio. The lawn will recover quickly enough though I’m sure.

3. The walls

Much of the rendering is off. The builders have been very neat packing up so far.

4. More hostas

After saying I’d picked up bargain hostas last week I ended up buying more this week. I have enough now to put a few in the border and some in pots on the patio to tie it all together.

5. Alliums

I’ve got two of these Tesco allium pots. They’ll add a bit of Summer colour amongst the planned foliage of hostas and ferns.

6. The view from above

The view from above shows the mess of the patio being cleared and the state of the concrete. I’m looking forward to completion and getting it all back in order.

Just a quick one form me. I hope you all have good gardening. I’ve got a few more lilies to plant in pots now the bulb sales have begun. We’re up to 50% off. So may end with a few more bargains.

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19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 8.12.18 Chaos in the garden”

  1. Luckily plants and lawns have wonderful survival abilities! I hope the work finishes in a reasonable time as it’s always distressing to have it lingering on past the allotted time.


  2. Hope the building work goes well. I like that brown pot at the front of the blue bench. Your hydrangeas are still looking good.


    1. I need a few decent sized ones. I want to try to go for a few decent large statement pots surrounded with a few smaller. A couple of large feels less cluttered and creates a feeling of more space being the theory.


  3. I feel for you, having work done, but you say the builders are doing a good job & being tidy at it, so even w/delays, it’ll be worth it in the end. I also loved that brown pot. In fact, I think you have a great collection of pots. The water dish on top of Alice’s remove & return bug hotel, I think I have the exact same one & love it to bits. Ours has a ceramic frog in the middle as a bug island. Your aerial shots always surprise me, as your garden is no bigger than mine, but absolutely so much more interesting. And now, off to Tesco to look for that planter!

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    1. Thanks for the compliment. I always find it strange reading and watching garden media as my garden classes as small in most programs even though it is probably bigger than what the average person in the UK now owns. RHS and gardeners world are starting to recognise that we don’t all have acres to work with, but you still don’t see much coverage of “normal” gardens.

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