Six on Saturday: 1.12.18 A new month

Well the garden media guild awards came and went this week. I’m not expecting my award in the post as I’m not a member, but enjoyed following the hashtag on Twitter as I’ve found lots of new gardeners. Hope those of you who went had a super time.

As we enter the last month of the year there are still a few surprising bursts of Summer colour around. The marigolds and borage are still going. A few ox-eye daisies are flowering. The Autumn flowering cyclamen are adding splashes of red and purple. But increasingly it’s the evergreen plants holding the structure of the garden together.

1. Pink rose

My repeat flowering pink rose keeps giving. There are still flowers coming and of reasonable quality. Each time a flower fades I figure that will be the last, then another comes! Each year it has got to a horrible stage of leaves eaten and blackened and I consider removing it, then I get a flush of flowers as everything else is fading reminding me why I’ve kept it.

2. Fuschia

Despite a few touches of frost and strong night time winds the fuschia is still going strong with a good spread of flowers.

3. Miniature iris

A new addition to my bulbs. I admired a lot of irises in other people’s gardens last year and wanted to add some. I’ve got a variety started in pots, that I can then move to where I want them at a later date. As with the tulips, Alice helped, so some may be upside down, on their sides or buried too deep, but I like having her involved. I had said I was done with planting bulbs, but we all know that I meant I was done until the sales come along.

4. Hostas

The garden centre was selling off hostas for £2 each. While it might seem a bit odd to be buying a pot that looks empty they should return. I got one hosta halycon and two fortunei aureomarginata. A reasonable saving for something that should come back. Both popular choices that are destined for pots on the patio if I can keep the slugs away.

5. Poppy feeder

These feeders were selling cheaper. I quite like them for adding a bit of colour through the year while also serving a functional role as a feeder.

6. Stunning succulents grow kit

I was fortunate enough to win this little kit through twitter. The kit contains everything you need to grow two varieties of succulents. I probably won’t start until the new year, but it looks like a nice set ideal for a Christmas present. Morgan and Thompson have released a number of these kits including rainbow veg, chillies, herbs, bonsai, sunflower, juicy fruit, exotic fruit and more. I might be tempted with the bonsai kit if this one works out. I may review this at a later date when I’ve got it set.

As an additional note to last weeks bug hotel blog Alice was straight back in and stealing pots. She returned it filled with stones.

Happy gardening weekends. I am celebrating the wife’s birthday, so probably won’t be out much, but I will find time to enjoy reading the rest of the exploits on hashtag #sixonsaturday

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30 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 1.12.18 A new month”

  1. That’s a great bird feeder idea, as you said, especially this time of year. Your rose is smashing! Why do its leaves go horrible? (It looks really healthy in the photos, so nothing fatal, I’m guessing.) Gardening kits are great. My son gives me a couple every Christmas & we go crazy w/them. I can’t wait to see what happens w/your succulents, but not sure why you can wait – are they seeds? O, the joy ahead for you!

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      1. I have the same fuchsia, I sacrificed the flowering last week to protect it from frost because I covered everything straw. Never mind.
        Tks for the information on irises


  2. I had no idea Fuschias lasted into November. I have just taken some cuttings form someone who grows them here in Portugal and she was already cutting hers right back at the beginning of November – and we don’t even get frost. Will your fuschias remain like this through the winter? Are they a special type’


    1. She’s just at that transporting stage. So fir cones move from here to the bench and the pebbles under the bench end up in the bug hotel. But she points out different nesting boxes and bug homes and tells garden visitors what there for. Butterflies, bees, birds.

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    1. Got the 3 in the blog, then 5 more. Might check back and see if there are any more left. But I think these and the harts tongue ferns will give a good foliage layer along the patio wall. Good spread of green, shape and form.


  3. I’m often bemoaning the fact that I can’t grow fuchsias (too hot, too dry, too frosty, no greenhouse) so it’s nice to see yours going so well right into winter. What a good idea is that poppy feeder-a great splash of colour too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The poppy feeders turn up all over now as they donate money for remembrance day, then daffodils later in the year for Marie Curie Cancer Research.
      I’m not a fan of fuchsias, but this one is undeniably nice remaining bright as everything else has gone dark. I’ll need to trim it. I didn’t protect it last year and came through fine, so hopefully it’s hardy enough as I can do without having to protect another plant.


  4. The fuchsia looks like Alice Hoffman. Reliably hardy when planted in the ground but susceptible to frosting at the roots when planted in a container. If you have any spare bubble wrap lying around from a delivery of something, wrap a few layers around the tub for a bit of added protection. If there’s room, add some mulch to the top of the tub too. Root damage from freezing can be a pain with lots of otherwise hardy fuchsias when they’re in pots. I like those flower feeders but there are too many cats around here to risk them.

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  5. Oh, we’ve both been winning stuff on twitter. I won some garden gloves and some music to garden to. I’ve just joined the cacti and succulent society as a new winter interest for me to follow.. Went to my first meeting this week. Very interesting. All the best. Karen

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    1. I’ve done pretty well over the year. I’ve won these. A rather nice bird house from meadow in my garden and vouchers from old house in the Shires Linkz party #mygloriousgardens.

      I’ve been tempted with the British Cactus society from listening to on the ledge podcast. They have a Hull branch. Though I’m bad for committing to any regular events. My windowsills are probably up to succulent capacity as well. Though I am planning to gift a few smaller ones to have a bigger statment cactus instead.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve never done a link party. Must look into that. Can recommend the society. I’m not planning to go every time they meet, just when I can make it. I rather like winning stuff. I might do more competitions . Wish I had more time.


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