Six on Saturday-13.10.18 bulb planting

After a wet Saturday last week, I managed to get out to plant some of the bulbs for next year. So this week will mainly be pictures of packages of what may potentially grow next year.

1. Bulb planter

I purchased a bulb planter. Like much of the nation I saw Monty Son planting his bulbs with ease using one and thought it would save time. I reckon bulb planters sales must have rocketed a few weeks ago when Gardeners World viewers watch Monty plant his bulbs with apparent ease. While not as good as his and the plugs of earth didn’t come out as smoothly as his, it did save time.

2. Mini daffodils

I’d mentioned to my mum wanting some smaller varieties of daffodils in the garden. She bought me two packs of these. I’ve spread them around the border. I have plenty of longer varieties in the ground from previous years, but having a few different heights spreads the season of interest. I should have some flowering earlier and some later. Last year depending on their position affected flowering times. The shadier corner taking longer.

Mainly placed the daffodils around the bench

3. Alliums-purple sensation

I already have some purple sensations dotted in the border. Some are now in areas of thick growth where they don’t show, so a few more in new spots will make sure these bee favourites are poking out.

Purple sensation this year

4. Tulips-queen of the night

This year I planted tulips for the first time. I never liked the standard red variety that makes up bedding planting across the country, but I’m starting to find other varieties I think are actually attractive. In the main borders I had queen of the night and Little Red Riding Hood tulips giving a nice display of red and deep purple. The Little Red tulips were pleasant, but not as rich and Scarlett as the photos suggested on the packaging. I’ve topped up the queen of the nights.

Queen of the night this year
A single queen of the night

5. Allium-schubertii

I like alliums and have a few varieties in the ground. A couple were stopped by slugs and snails this year, so need to look at that next Spring. I liked the messy explosive nature of the photo on this one.

6. Goldfinches

While I have more bulbs to go, six posts on photos of bulb packaging doesn’t seem that exciting. The teasel I’ve been growing has finally served its purpose. I grew it hoping to bring in the goldfinches. I have enjoyed the shape of the teasel sticking out a bit awkwardly in the border. The bees have loved it. But it was the goldfinches I wanted to bring in. Over the last week I’ve had little swarms of them delighting me. I haven’t managed a picture perfect shot yet as the sun has inconvinently been in the wrong position, but hopefullly see more of them.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekends. I have more bulbs to try to find space for inbetween school work as well as picking up all the blown over pots.

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19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday-13.10.18 bulb planting”

      1. It all depends on the soil, whether it’s too clayey or not … your system always seems more efficient than mine, which on a heavy soil is difficult to use.


  1. I bought a cheaper hand bulb planter, not one you can use your feet on, it sort of worked, but I went back to the trowel for smaller bulbs. Tried it under the trees and it was hopeless! I love tulips and always have pots of them, this year I have bought less tulips but more narcissi – mainly the dwarf varieties as I have a very windy plot (especially today!).
    Queen of the Night, Paul Scherer and Ronaldo are all luscious colours.
    I must grow some teasels, we get Goldfinches here and they are so lovely.

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  2. That bulb planter looks like the goods. Planting bulbs is quite a chore, but I think that your planter has got to improve things by a mile. What dear little birds on the teasels; such a pleasure to have in the garden.

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    1. I hadn’t realised what a footprint it had in the border. The leaves are massive through Summer and have now withered leaving a empty space around it. Looks like it will self seed though possibly in next doors garden with the wind.


    1. Not sure I’ll grow it again, but will probably be self seeding in next doors garden where the wind is blowing. They leave their garden pretty wild, so it might get established. Then I can enjoy the birds without it in my own garden.


  3. Don’t forget that Monty probably has an army of gardeners doing all the hard work like soil preparation for him. The presenters on TV only do the easy, quick bits. Otherwise a whole episode of Gardeners’ World would be taken up with the process of planting a single plant! Just like the Blue Peter “here’s one I made earlier” or the cookery programme where chef removes something from a 200C oven with bare hands. Though I do like the idea of being able to plant bulbs without crawling around for hours.

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  4. I’ve just planted my tulips today; a bit early I know but school is beginning to take over my life! As you can know! I bought a handheld bulb planter and It makes life so much easier doesn’t it? I haven’t thought of teasel for the birds….that’s a good idea. I do find the gold finches love my verbena seeds which I always leave at this time of year and throughout the winter. Nice 6 Josh.


    1. I’ve usually done my tulips much later with work, but done quite well. I’ve still got some more to go in, but will probably wait until half term now as need to clear some ground for them.
      I’ve had a few birds on the verbena, but not many yet. Cornflowers really brought in the goldfinches last year, but haven’t grown any this year.

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