Six on Saturday: six from the outlaws

Having covered the in-laws garden last week it only seems fair to do six from the outlaws, my parents. I’m not feeling too well after a week back at work. I’ve already been infected with cold, but struggle through.

1. Passionflowers

My parents have a couple of passionflowers growing from pots up the wall of the neighbour’s house. It’s become a bit of a monster. I think the sheltered position and warmth from being up against the wall has helped it thrive. It ends up coveted in loads of flowers and always has bees swarming somewhere on it. My own hasn’t taken off anywhere near as well, but maybe in a few years.

2. Clematis

The clematis is forming the shiny, silvery seed heads.

3. Honeysuckle

This is the honeysuckle I took cuttings from last month. It is a small leaved small flowered variety. Cuttings seem to be doing alright.

4. Sweet peas

The sweet peas are still flowering well.

5. Rose

A nice pale rose.

6. Water guns

My dad got the water guns out. Alice thinks they are hilarious, even if they are so big she has to put it on the floor and aim straight up to fire. One way to get the garden watered.

Last reminder that I have a copy of Dr Hessayon’s houseplant guide to win on twitter. Like an retweet to win.

Hope you all enjoy your weekends.

7 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: six from the outlaws”

    1. Pretty standard getting I’ll straight away. Got no desire to plan right now. I tried to get a passion flower established last year in my garden. It struggled with the winter, but has just held on. Possibly a bit tender for Northern Sea winds.

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  1. I’ve never had a passionflower survive the winter, even when protected. Location is everything, I suspect. Looks like a great garden, especially the watergun bit. Did you grow up there?


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