DK-How not to kill your houseplant review

Amazon link Price £9.99 in shops, priced cheaper online.

Continuing on from my focus on houseplants I am looking at another basic introduction to houseplants.  Similar to the RHS happy houseplant book, this is a small hardback book giving an overview of houseplant care. The book is nice quality. The pages feel nice. The information is stylishly presented. It feels like a quality production. I feel like it should have a hitchhikers guide label on the front saying, “don’t panic” your plant will be alright. It simplifies down the plant care to vital information, much like the hitchhiker’s guide. Earth: mostly harmless. Plants: mostly water.

The book starts with some basic information. It covers buying your plants, what to look out for, how to pot it, place it, water it, feed it, pests and diseases. It covers all the basic care most houseplants will need and many of the common issues you are going to come across. The illustrations and photos show convey their messages clearly.

Then the majority of the book is given over to the different houseplants. Each plant has a profile. In these profiles locations, light levels, watering, feeding and care are explained. Common issues such as bug, reasons for plant wilting, leaves changing colour are given. Solutions to the problems to save the plant are given. A good range of plants are presented. All the plants that you can commonly buy from your garden centre and common supermarket are presented here.

Dotted throughout the plant profiles are suggestions for locations such as the desk, sunny spots, bathrooms, etc. In each of these sections you can find a few choices of suitable plants for each environment. The page numbers of the suggested plants are named for easy reference.

Overall this is a useful, little, reference book on houseplants. It acts as a good guide for which plants to buy for set locations. I’ve found myself referring to it lots for common issues and to check watering requirements. While this information is available easily online these days I find it useful to have it in print format to flick through. There are plants I would be unaware of if I had just tried browsing through internet pages. I would recommend this book to people starting out in bringing greenery into their houses. It will hopefully save many plants from mismanagement.

Hope you’re all enjoying the detour inside. What are your favourite houseplants?

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9 thoughts on “DK-How not to kill your houseplant review”

  1. My favorites were aloe and what we always called mother-in-laws tongue, until I adopted a couple of cats and learned that both plants (and a whole lot of others) are toxic to cats. I had to take my plants to the office. Now I have a small pot of cat grass inside and otherwise confine my gardening to outside, but I still love houseplants.


  2. I’m really struggling with houseplants in Dubai with them being under the zircon, regardless of where I move them, and watering is another issue when I’m away, hubby tends to give them too much #mygloriousgardens

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    1. Yes watering is a problem with aircon. Keeping the humidity right with plants needing different levels can’t be easy. One of my rooms at work has aircon. The succulents and spider plant does well, but calla lily hasn’t been happy.


  3. I have been slowly getting into houseplants. I would get more, but not sure which ones may poison my cat since he likes to chew on the leaves at times. Thank you for sharing on the August #MyGloriousGardens link party!


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