Six on Saturday-14.7.18

A the garden is seeing a lot of the taller plants coming into flower. The lawn is holding on. The shaded parts still looking lush, while the centre is looking dryer and dryer.

1. Fennel

The fennel is growing good and strong currently. I grow it for the umbel flowers that are good for butterflies. I’ve got a few smaller plants to put in the border. The feathery foliage makes a good contrast to the dark leaves of the camellia and hollyhocks around it.

2. Unknown perennial

Bought for me last year. It lacked a label. It has been on the verge of flowering for weeks and is now putting on a good show.

3. Fuchsia

The first of the fuchsias is now flowering well. I took this one out of the border as it was getting swamped and put it into a pot. The contrasting white and pink flowers are quite attractive. Quite a few of the fuchsias didn’t survive the harsh winter, so happy this is a survivor.

4. Teasel

The teasel has featured earlier in the year. It has grown up above the fence and has an abundance of flowers growing tall attracting in the insects. While quite spectacular it has quite a large footprint in the border taking up a good metre square at the base. The leaves and stems have vicious spikes making it an unpleasant job tying up. Not sure if I’ll let it grow again. I’ll have to see if it brings in the birds later in the year.

5. Chives

My mum divided some of her chives. They were ripped apart by seagulls trampling them, but one has hung onto flower.

6. Rose Scarlet Paul’s climber

I planted two of these Tesco £2 plants to replace another climbing rose that was doing all its flowering above the fence and on the neighbours side. I’m going to try to train these so I get better flowering across the fence. The first flower has opened up. While this year I’ll only have a few flowers they are looking to be quite glorious. Proper Scarlett Harlots providing bright blooms on the fence. There are two clematis next to it that are going strong. They should intertwine well.

Initially opening as a dark bloom.

Still keeping a rich colour as it fades.

And that’s my six. Hope you enjoyed. I’ve got lots of dead heading to get on with and some of the ox eye daises and forget me nots are past their best. Time to trim and pull.

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17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday-14.7.18”

  1. Your unknown perennial is a salvia. I love them for their spires and the butterflies adore them. I also grow chives for their flowers and the bees love them. It’s funny planting for bees and other insects but, for me, that’s the real purpose of a garden. Enjoy!


    1. I don’t know. It was a gift I think the label was just Hardy fuchsia. Byr has the dark green leaves and flowers of Alice Hoffman. Back when it was put in


  2. I think your unknown plant might be an Agastache. I’m very fond of them. Such hardy and undemanding plants.


  3. I grew several teasels many years ago but they take a lot of room and are vicious. Now I let one teasel grow each year (and remove dozens of seedlings each year!). It’s worth it for seeing the goldfinches feasting on them in the autumn. They don’t come into the garden the rest of the year, although I can hear them. The Rose is a lovely colour


  4. Your unknown plant is Lythrum salicaria. Could very well be the cultivar ‘Robert’. I’m slightly surprised it’s doing as well as it is in this dry weather, they do like moist soil.


  5. I’ve been watching a teasel in the field where I walk the dogs, thinking how much I’d like one in my garden for the birds. Good to know how big they are. The problem w/field flowers! Your garden’s looking quite good. Wish you luck w/your roses.


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