Six on Saturday 9.6.18

While many of the sixes are now featuring roses my buds are staying firmly shut up North. But still plenty of visual delights on offer.

1. Foxgloves

One of my favourites is now in flower with many self seeded along the border. Planted for the pollinators the bees have been all over. I know many people proffer one colour, but I like an eclectic mix.

2. Lupins

Another cottage garden and Chelsea favourite. These were decimated by slugs last year, but defences have worked better this year.  While I only have one growing this year it has multiple heads coming up.

3. Ox eye daisies

Last year I grow these from seed. I now have far more than I need. I’ve divided some for my school garden and still been left with vast swathes. They are supposed to be one of the best flowers of pollinators with a mass supply of nectar.

4. Fruit

The dwarf apple had a large number of fruit forming. I will need to pick some out soon if they don’t drop naturally to encourage less, but bigger apples.

The dwarf cherry is also fruiting. It’s not going to be a feast, but might have enough to add to a single bowl of cereal. That is, if the birds don’t get them first. The starlings have been checking it over.

5. Marigold

A lone marigold left over from last year has flowered under the camellia.

6. Preparing for next year

Already starting preparation for next year. While I’m sure plenty will self seed I’d hate to be without, so foxglove seeds have gone in the propagator. Then got a few other biennials to sort. I’ll get them started in the trays, then pot on, then transfer to the border later in the year.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my six. A bit overcast today, but the garden wildlife is starting to come out in more. Enjoy your weekends!

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9 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 9.6.18”

  1. I also have a color mix of foxgloves and I’m trying to create a patchwork collage as I did with nigellas.( soon posted….)
    I’m jealous of your cherries since I lost 3 trees too old. Be careful to these mischievous birds !


    1. If I’m lucky I may get a handful of cherries. But last year when I brought it home from school it was a dehydrated stick, so the fact it’s still alive is good going.
      The nigellas sound good. I’m sure I scattered some seed in my garden, but forgotten where, so be a pleasant surprise if they get going.

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  2. Loving those foxgloves! Mine have/are doing really well this year. I visited a foxglove nursery today and came home with another one…😳 can’t resisit! The bees were fighting over them! Yes, my roses are just flowering so we must be a little further ahead here down south.

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    1. I’m sure the foxgloves will self seed as only had two last year and now have an abundance. But not willing to risk missing out. Got some general mixed foxgloves and some fancier RHS deluxe ones. See if there any difdwrwnt.

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  3. Beautiful spires of foxgloves and lupins. We never get any of our cherries either. Fortunately we are in cherry orchard county, so there are lots of stalls at the sides of the road, so we just buy them from farms where they have invested in netting. We have thought about building a netting structure around our trees, but it seems like overkill!

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    1. Yes can’t be bothered with netting. Only a dwarf, so not really worth the eyesore of covering for the return. Apples should do alright though as we’re surrounded by gardens with apple trees.
      Much of the plants seem to be growing strong this year. Got lots of stakes in ready, then most are managing on their own.


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