Six on Saturday 7.4.18

There isn’t a massive amount blooming in the garden at the moment. Lots of buds are ready to unfurl. Bulbs are coming up, but not much flowering. So this week I’m going to focus on some of my provisions for wildlife. One of my aims with the garden was to do my part to contribute to conservation by providing as many homes for nature. I’ve tried to manage the garden to give a variety of habitats and food sources to many types of wildlife. The photos are from across the year. I don’t have foxgloves in flower quite yet.


For the birds I leave out a variety of food. I use several fat block and ball feeders. These don’t need replacing as often, so ensure the birds have a supply at all times. If you feed the birds during Winter and Spring you need to ensure you leave constant supplies. Otherwise birds waste energy on visiting your garden for no reward.

The seed feeders are the most popular, although recently the wind has made refilling them hard.

The bird baths give a water supply. Around me we have quite a number of fresh water supplies, so mine don’t get used that much by birds, but the insect life in Summer do settle on them.


For the hedgehogs I ensure they can move between gardens with a hedgehog hole. Just a small hole in the fence allows hedgehogs to roam. They cover good distances in a night.

I have hedgehog homes for hibernation and stop offs. One is used as a feeding station with weight on the top to stop cats getting the food.

Bug hotel

I built a bug hotel when we first moved in from decking squares and bricks. This has twigs and straw to give bugs shelter.

I have a few fence mounted houses. These mainly attract spiders rather than any of there intended visitors, but it’s all adding to the diversity in the garden.

Frog homes

Frogs need shaded wet patches. I have one bought shelter and then other home made. A broken pot or half buried pot can give shelter to frogs. Next door has a pond, while I don’t, we still get lots of frogs in the garden. I was keen to encourage frogs to help keep the slug numbers down.

Log pile

The log pile provides home to many forms of life. It encourages beetles, earwigs and other predators that will act as biological control of slugs and snails.


The lawn

The lawn can be a bit of a desert to wildlife if kept really short. I have a couple of patches I leave longer. Several butterfly species lay eggs on longer grass. The frogs and insects use it as passages to stay safer.

Further advice

The RSPB has lots of advice for helping wildlife in our garden with the home for nature plans.

The Wildlfe Trust and RHS teamed up to offer advice in their project wild about gardens.

For book advice Chris Baines companion to wildlife gardening is an excellent source of inspiration.

Follow me on twitter for more gardening and wildlife.

My garden wildlife gives me lots of joy. Below are a number of visitors from the last year and a half since moving in. I hope you’ve enjoyed my six. What do you like seeing in your garden?


10 thoughts on “Six on Saturday 7.4.18”

  1. Aww at those hedgehogs! We used to get them visiting quite a bit, but the local badger population has taken to visiting the garden recently, so I guess that’s stopped the hedgehogs. We did have a badger hole cut into our new fence (otherwise they just break the fence trying to get through), but the neighbour has blocked up their side o.O

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    1. Thanks it has been the main focus of my gardening initially. This has given me a bit too heavy a focus though in my planting towards Summer flowers for pollinators and now trying to address for better seasonal interest through the whole year.


  2. Fab! I do bugger all proactive for wildlife. Actually that’s not true. I put up not one but two bird houses. Ingrate birds never occupied either of them. Think I might investigate bird feeders next winter.


  3. Now I have a wildlife reason to give my neighbour next time she mentions my little-bit-too-tall lawn. Can I ask which trail camera you use? I bought one last year, it broke after a month & the seller stopped responding to my emails. I’d like to get one that works, but once burnt, you know.


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