Garden update: February

Yesterday I got out to finish the edging started earlier in the week. Upcycled bricks have been used to give the lawn a marked edge.

The view from the upstairs windows shows it best. It’s just added a bit of definition to the borders. I’ve got a few areas where I need to spread grass seed to extend the lawn to where the bricks are. Overall I’m quite happy with how it looks, but may need to a bit further work levelling them.

The next hardscaping job I think is to put a path in. Walking over the patch at the bottom of the steps is leaving a bare patch. I’m unsure whether to go basic and just do stepping stones or an actual path of slabs. Or may go for something more fluid like a curving gravel path.

The hydrangeas have had their haircut for the year. Not something I would have planted. They came with the garden, but with all the rain run off from the patio they do wonderfully here. They flank the entrance to the lawn nicely. It’s a balancing act though of cutting the flower heads off, trimming back so we still have a path, but not cutting too much to stop blooms.

The hydrangea at the bottom of the garden near the bug hotel had its trim as well. The bluebells are starting to come through in this corner. From last year it looks like they are starting to form decent clumps.

Last year I planted some crocus. They didn’t really take off, but this year they seem to be establishing better.

I’m continuing to add ferns near the shed in the difficult to weed space to supress the weeds.

Daffodils are springing up around the border.

And one over eager allium.

On the patio the tulips around the prunus angustfolio are poking through.

And the daffodils in the pot are coming through. They made an early dash to bloom. Then, with colder weather, seem to have thought better of it.

With the daffodils, snowdrops, blue bells and then a little later on the tulips I’ll hopefully have more happening in Spring. A little more for pollinators than last year.

My seed trays are planted up. I’ve planted hollyhock, morning glory, cosmea, verbana and sweet peas. I’d like to do some more, but that’s all the space filled. My foxgloves from last year have self seeded all over, so that’s good. I’d like a nice mix of cottage garden flowers.

I’ve taken out two roses that came with the garden. They’d been neglected a good while. I’d tried reviving last year, but I don’t care for the position that much either. So I’ve cut my loses and dug them out. To replace the loss I’ve added a Paul Scarlett Rose climber a little further along the fence. You shouldn’t place new roses where old roses have been. It encourages disease and poor growth. I’ve gone for climbers as I’d like the gradually cover the fence in climbers and would prefer having the thorns to the back of the border, rather than working though them.

With a good weed done it should all look nice over the next few months as colour comes in.

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