Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday. A day supposedly the most depressing of the year. The idea coming from Christmas having gone, weather being wet and cold and motivation being generally low. While the calculation for the date is clearly rather ridiculous pseudo-science it can be a grim time of year and it does no harm trying to cheer people up.

This year Summer garden photos are being shared on twitter to give a burst of colour and a grey point of the year. I saw it posted through Hugh Cassidy on twitter, so thank you to Hugh for this little bit of cheer.

So here is a look back at colour from last year that we can look forward to again.

For anyone feeling glum Samaritans are offering support with their Brew Monday. Get together with people and share a cuppa.

Hopefully everyone has a good day and doesn’t struggle with Monday Motivation.

I have sent out some emails for the nature book swap. I currently have an odd number, so if anyone else wants to take part I will add them in. Emails have been sent out to all, but one who expressed an interest. Basic gist following from the short list of the UK’s favourite nature book I’ve organised a book swap. If you have a nature book to pass on I will email you an address and you will receive a book from someone else. Email me at if interested or message me here.

One thought on “Blue Monday”

  1. Those colors were wonderful on this Monday. Our temps are very low, and the countryside looks pinched. My husband said great areas of the US are frigid right now. I’m aiming for a lovely cup of tea.


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