The dark is rising

“Tonight will be bad, and tomorrow beyond all imagining”

Yesterday marked the start of the dark is rising reading group starting point. Susan Copper’s dark is rising is a fantasy book starting from the 20th December. Julia Bird and Robert MacFarlane have invited people to take part in a mass read along of the book having realised many people reread it at this time of year. The time the book is set.

Originally published in 1973 it was the second in the dark is rising sequence, but can be read as a stand alone. Last night I made a start reading the first chapter. This opening chapter sets the scene perfectly building up the suspense the day before Will’s, the main character’s, birthday.

The weather the last few weeks has been perfect for a read of the book. We’ve had snow, mist and fog. The atmospheric swirls of low lying mist over the fields on my way to work would have made for an ideal journey home to read the next part. But last night was the calmest it has been for weeks. So it goes. The book links heavily to the landscape and the first chapter makes good use of the animals unease. I’m going to have to keep my eye on the rooks the next few weeks.

I’m looking forward to my next reading session. There is no set pace to read it, but Robert MacFarlane is setting questions to go with the read. It looks like hundreds are taking part, giving us a wonderful communal read through the powers of the internet. Posts are being shared through the two hashtags #thedarkisrising and #thedarkisreading


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