What was in the garden today?

Today I’ve carried on with clearing the old compost heap, which was filled with more rubbish after the house was rented than compost material and I’ve had quite a few visitors to the garden.

Big Butterfly Count

It was the last day of the Butterfly Count today. Today I just counted from the garden. I counted three red admirals, one peacock, two small whites and a painted lady. I didn’t get a photo of the painted lady, but nice to see. I’ve spotted them in the local area but not in my garden. Not a great number, but a nice variety of butterflies. Hopefully this will of been a record breaking year for the count with many people logging sightings.


While I’ve been levelling paving slabs for compost bins to sit on I’ve had this little mouse watching. I don’t know if I should be concerned that it has little fear of me. But it was good to see it nibbling some of the unwanted weeds.

Afternoon out

With the paving slabs laid ready for delivery of compost bin later in the week I headed out with Amy and Alice as lots was going on in Hornsea today.

Hornsea District Lions Club were celebrating 50 years with free entertainment in the Memorial Gardens. They had put on a Johnny Cash tribute, “Keep it Cash“. The main singer was pretty much spot on with the voice when singing. They did two solid sets of Cash classics. Alice enjoyed it swaying back and forth, dancing to lots of songs. With plenty of tunes with good rhythm she was happy. Who’d of thought Johnny Cash would make good family fun?

In between sets there was a Punch and Judy show for the kids, but we left for a walk as it was a bit above Alice’s head.

Rescue Day

Down at the sea front it was emergency rescue day. Many of the emergency services had representatives demonstrating their jobs. The rescue dogs were demonstrating their water searches when we arrives. It was good to see the divers showing how they rescue stranded marine animals. A nice little finish to Marine Week

Then we returned for some more Cash in the gardens. A good day, a garden job done, some wonderful wildlife visitors and a marvellous afternoon of music. What have you done with your Sunday Fun day?

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5 thoughts on “What was in the garden today?”

    1. I use a nikon d3100 that I’ve had a good few years. Been overtaken in terms of capabilities by the more recent models, but it does take a good enough photo. I have two lenses. Most of these were with the telephoto lens. That little extra distance this gives me makes a big difference for wildlife. It stops them jumping away. I am East Coast, but UK, not US. Thanks for the comment on my daughter, she is a little bundle of joy, but rapidly becoming a poser.

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  1. This looks great Joshua! Your project for your compost bin sounds great. Hubbie built me what can only be described as a compost coffin for the old house garden! It’s huge and takes all my strength to lift the lid! Hence I don’t turn the compost very often. We now have a whole family of slow worms in there so now I really can’t turn my compost. Oh well…..love the little mouse too. He wouldn’t last long due to Tiger our cat which makes me sad. Hope you are enjoying your holidays! Gorgeous little Alice is growing quickly.
    Thanks again for joining up to #MyGloriousGardens. I hope you are getting more readers from it or that you are enjoying reading all the other blog posts. I’m working 4 days in September but I hope to still carry the Linky on.
    Enjoy the showers today!

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