Photo uploads

I currently host a lot of my photos through photobucket. However they have changed their settings, so I can only do third person hosting if I pay $399 a year. For a blog written for fun where no money is made that’s too big an expense. This is undoubtedly going to see people stop using photobucket and look for alternatives. They changed this with no notice, so there are now blogs lacking photos.

I do pay for one of the lowest bands of wordpress. So I could go pay for the photo hosting though here, but again it’s a big cost for a blog written for fun. As I like posting high quality images this may mean I post less or stop altogether unless I can find a decent alternative.


2 thoughts on “Photo uploads”

    1. Blogspot has better storage and if I resize photos smaller I can keep going indefinitely. I may start up again next year with 30 days if I can’t find a solution with current blog. I don’t really want to start again though just to come up against the same photo storage issues.


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