30 days of wild: day 29-bedraggled birds

Rain rain come again another day.
The rain has continued today. The garden had been looking very dry. Even watering morning and evening the hydrangeas were looking the worse for wear. Now the garden looks lush.

 photo _DSC0139_zpsuuz8pnvx.jpg

The rain is weighing down many of the meadow flowers.

 photo _DSC0140_zpsttbe95uy.jpg

It was nice to see many of the birds back in though even if they are bedraggled. Many of the smaller birds are still hiding away. The blackbirds seem to of had a bad time of it.

 photo _DSC0141_zpsndtb1hyk_edit_1498769102105_zpsvbguel1e.jpg

 photo _DSC0144_zps2hkpvqwc_edit_1498769239838_zps1iyf1gvg.jpg

The pigeons have been sat along the fence and on next doors conservatory roof picking through and shaking out feathers.

We’ll have to see what the last of the 30 days brings tomorrow, but I reckon may be looking at more wet activities. 

I finished my audio book of Watership Downs on the way home today. I heartily recommend it. Lovely, engaging story.  

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