30 days of wild: Day 24-Summer babies

The day started with a sighting of a juvenile goldfinch. They are the same as the adults essentially, but without the red face. I took this as a good sign as we were off to a baby shower today.

 photo aeb2d94e-07b7-488b-aae6-d190dffeb147_zpsefufdkit.jpg

The adult shortly followed.


We had a lovely time at the baby shower. It was the baby shower of one of our friends who is having another girl. So Alice will have another friend to play with. Alice had a good wonder in the lovely garden.

 photo _DSC1625_zpshhypditk.jpg

 photo _DSC1629_zpsupzvnacn.jpg

I managed a good few sightings for the Friends of the Earth Bee Hunt.

 photo _DSC1631_zpsojrxgjio.jpg


Back at home in our garden I spotted this spectacular wasp mimic hoverfly. It was almost luminescent in its colours. I believe it’s a rather nicely named variety known as the marmalade fly (Episyrphus balteatus). A lovely splash of yellow on what started as a grey day.


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