30 days wild: day 20-tree charter

I started today with my breakfast in the kitchen with the patio doors open. Today was a more pleasant tune than day 18. The goldfinches were singing on the houses opposite and the pigeons sat silent.

While having breakfast I listened to the BBC Natural History podcast. The episode was on adders in Scotland. This was interesting as you generally associate snakes with the warmer climates of the South.

In work I was on outdoor duty this afternoon at school. With the heat I got the kids to give the garden a good water. We also filled the water bath up. With the heat we’re having it’s important to look after the birds and prevent dehydration.

Then this evening added my name to the tree charter. Led by the woodland trust the charter is looking to give protection to trees. The principles are to protect habitats, land for them will future, celebrate the cultural role of trees, encourage a thriving forest industry, better protection for trees and woods, better new developments, understanding the use and benefits of trees,  addressing threats to trees, access of trees to all and strengthening landscapes. All worthy ideas and worth adding a digital signature too. I certainly appreciate the trees around me. WIthout them I wouldn’t see half the species I currently do.

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