Focus on greenfinch

I have fallen behind with my focus on blogs. My aim for 30 days is to improve my knowledge of common species I see. However with work and Alice ill this has fallen to the side. However the last few days I have had new visitors to the garden I would like to research.

Over the last few days I have seen a couple of greenfinches in the back garden. I would see these in my last house on the front garden feeder. Since moving though, I haven’t seen them much in the new garden. Until the last few days when I’ve spotted them more regularly.


Grenfinches are common garden visitors, although they haven’t been for me. They are originally woodland birds and still are in Europe, but in the U.K. they have adapted well to gardens. They nest in conifers and dense shrubs using sticks and grass. Their clutches are usually 2 or 3 eggs and are white to beige. Their little beaks are adapted for eating seeds. They love blacksunflower seeds. They can be found throwing seed mix around to pick out the black sunflower seeds. I’ve witnessed this at my last house and then had the other seeds rooting under the feeder as a result.

Living in the north they will desert me in Winter to go to the warmer south. It’s grim up north for a little bird like the greenfinch. Their numbers had declined throughout the 70s and 80s before starting to rise in the 90s. Unfortunately they have suffered from parasites more recently reducing the numbers back down.


To help greenfinches make sure you keep feeders stocked through Winter. Changes in farming practises such as Autumn sowing has affected their numbers. Cleaning your bird feeders also helps reduce the spread of disease.

6 thoughts on “Focus on greenfinch”

  1. I really enjoy seeing the differences between your birds of the same name and our birds here in the states. The Robin in your country is my favorite, and your picture of it is frameable! Thanks for sharing.

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