30 days wild 2017: snap a blue photo

Today I was rushed for time, so thought I’d do one of the random acts cards. I choose shoot something blue thinking it would be easy.


It’s been a glorious day with bright blue sky. A sky ELO could sing about. However when I got out after tea it wasn’t playing ball. It was more 50 shades of grey.


Despite the song, lavenders blue dilly dilly, mine is not. I have purple, lilac and white, but no blue. Normally there are spectacular blue dragonflies in the garden, but it was too late on. I couldn’t even find a blue bottle. So in the end I settled on my cornflowers, while some are fading there are still some looking good.


I didn’t find some interesting similes for blue while composing this blog.

Blue like the sea of a dream.
Joseph Conrad

A sky as blue as the enamel on the statuettes of Osiris.
—Théphile Gautier 

Blue like a corpse.
—Nikolai V. Gogol 

Blue as lips of death.
—Eugene Lee-Hamilton Gautier

And beautiful, like skies seen through
The sleeping wave.
—Thomas Moore


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