Focus on hedgehogs

Having a hedgehog home to set up at school hedgehogs seem like a good choice for today’s focus. Hedgehogs are currently visiting both my garden and school outdoor classroom, so at some point over 30 days I will look at getting some more footage.

Hedgehogs are common to gardens and parks across the UK. It helps if you have ground cover or bushes for them to make a get away into. The name age hedgehog They are nocturnal creatures, mainly leading solitary lives. They come together to mate. If this happens in your garden you will know. Breeding hedgehogs through Spring are noisy creatures.


They are worth attracting into your garden as they eat many of the garden visitors considered pests such as slugs and snails. They will also eat beetles, amphibians, and bird eggs. They are however under threat due to a variety of factors. Hedgehogs need to roam around at night and the trend to for fence panels and brick walls around gardens puts a stop to this. While hedgehogs can climb a brick wall represents a cliff face to them. Then the desire for tidy gardens with artificial grass and few plants is again cutting down on food supplies.


So to help them there are a number of things you can do. Leaving out water, hedgehog food or meaty cat food. Providing hedgehog homes. Be careful if you disturb your compost heaps during Autumn and Winter. Many hedgehogs may hibernate there and garden forks can cause a nasty injury. Making hedgehog holes in your fence to allow passage makes a big difference.

For more details check previous blog.

Hedgehog awareness week.

Wildlife trust advise


3 thoughts on “Focus on hedgehogs”

  1. Yea for hedgehogs! We have a resident one in the old house garden called Hubbard. He’s old and huge but keeps the numbers of snails and slugs low! Keep up the good work! I may have to get a camera!


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