30 days wild 2017: day 7-read a wild magazine

Today started early with Alice awake just before 5. This gave time for half of springwatch. I’m enjoying the coverage so far. Though I think I possibly like Brett Westwood on the live updates and unsprung more than the main show.

Looking in the garden the rain had brought out lots of flowers. I have a single bloom on my rather straggly clematis.


I had a pot of what was meant to be sunflowers. However I think the birds raided it early on and it now has borage growing out of it. So I have accidentally ticked another wild act. Borage is loved by bees and should see lots of visitors.

In work I added some extra feeders to the bird feeder I added yesterday. Already I’ve seen sparrows, starlings, blue tits, pigeons and a pied wagtail investigating the area. We also have house martins swooping over the area, which are nice to see.


The kids have been stuffing the bug hotel with cut grass and leaves to encourage more bugs to settle in.


Then dinner time completed my planned wild act to read a wild magazine. I’d gone with the BBC wildlife magazine, always an enjoyable read. I read the puffins article and part of the orangutan feature. I saw a few books I fancy as future purchases in the review section.


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