30 days of wild: day 6-Providing for nature

Today has seen me largely out of class attending meetings. Necessary ones, but I prefer being with the kids. It has been another wet day. If I’d been in with the kids a bit more might have done dancing in the rain.


The rain has helped water in the apple tree I planted before the holiday. However the weeds are coming back quick as well.


As it’s been a busy day just did a quick wild act My dad had donated an unwanted bird feeder stand. So I’ve got that set up but need to raid my shed to find some spare bird feeders to fill it.


My dad also donated a hedgehog house, which I’ll look at setting up somewhere better tomorrow. Having seen before the holiday that we have hedgehogs it would be nice to provide for them.




On the commute to work I’ve enjoyed another wild act listening to an audiobook E.O. Wilson-Half Earth. Wilson is one of my favourite evolutionist writers. In this book he is outlining a change to how we conserve the Earth. I will review properly when finished. Not the wildest day, but back in with my class tomorrow.

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